Top Five Automotive Jobs For The Week Of November 12

So, you love cars? We do as well, and we’re supremely grateful to all Motor1 readers for visiting our digital home and allowing us to make a living doing something we love. Hopefully, we can help return the favor. is a fantastic resource for connecting car people with car jobs, featuring thousands of open positions in locations all around the globe. It’s updated daily with new listings for virtually every facet of the automotive and related industries. We’re talking engineering and electronics to marketing and sales, recruiting, logistics, and more. Browse by companies, employment type, positions, or search for a specific gig.

We can’t list all 24,000 global jobs currently in the database, but we can share some interesting positions in the US that could be fun. Here are the top five automotive job postings we found for the week of November 12, in no particular order of coolness.

Travel Specialist, Fisker Inc

Location: Manhattan Beach, California

Are you an experienced scheduler who knows the layouts of airports better than the streets in your hometown? Fisker is looking for someone to help employees travel around as needed, booking flights, hotels, and communicating all that info to folks on the move. Five years of experience in the travel industry or something related is required, and someone with a bachelor’s degree is preferred.

After Sales Training Intern, Porsche AG

Location: Miami, Florida

This internship is open to college juniors or seniors working towards a bachelor’s degree with a business focus. The position supports training managers in after sales training programs.

Automotive Project Manager, Formel D GmbH

Location: Long Beach, California

This mid-level leadership role calls for at least seven years of experience in the manufacturing and project management sectors, or three years’ experience along with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. This position supports company suppliers, coordinates with engineers and technicans, and oversees various company projects relating to the automotive field.

Local Marketing Manager, AutoNation

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Based in Florida, this position coordinates with the regional marketing manager on everything from budgets to media planning, communications, campaigns, and all the neat things marketing folks do. You’ll lead the local team, and you’ll need a bachelor’s degree with at least five years of experience.

Motorsport Indycar Trackside Engineer, General Motors

Location: Concord, North Carolina

Are you an engineer who lives for racing? GM is looking for someone with a relevant bachelor’s degree (such as engineering or mathematics) and at least two years of motorsports engineering experience. You’ll analyze data from race cars and help teams fine-tune vehicles, sometimes in high-pressure situations like races.


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