Rivian Adds Dual-Motor Large Pack R1T EVs To Inventory

California-based EV startup Rivian has added ready–to-go R1T configurations with the Large Pack battery pack and proprietary dual-motor drivetrain to its online shop, allowing prospective customers to get delivery of a brand new EV in as little as one week, which is significantly faster than the four months wait time that’s normally associated with a custom build.

More than 100 ready-made R1Ts were spotted by the Rivian Forums member vandy1981, who said he’s located near the company’s service center in Franklin, Tennessee. He also had a reservation placed for an R1T before the price hike in March 2022, and some of the pickups in the inventory had prices as low as $72,500 for a Performance dual-motor R1T with the Large Battery pack.

That’s quite the difference, seeing how a similar built-to-order configuration today will set you back $84,000, according to the company’s online visualizer. Mind you, prices for all new Rivians went up between 17 and 20 percent last year, with the company backtracking on the MSRP hike for existing reservations only.

The dual-motor powertrain has been developed and is manufactured in-house by Rivian at its factory in Normal, Illinois, as opposed to the quad-motor setup that’s built by Bosch. Dubbed Enduro, the electric motor was first fitted to the Amazon Electric Delivery Van (EDV) and then it made its way into the automaker’s passenger vehicle portfolio.

With the Large Battery pack, a dual-motor Rivian R1T can travel up to 352 miles on a full charge when riding on 21–inch road tires. The EPA-estimated range goes down to 341 miles when the truck is riding on 22-inch road tires and reaches 307 miles with the optional 20-inch all-terrain wheels.

The California-based EV maker has two more battery options that can be specced together with one of the two dual-motor setups (standard or Performance): the Standard Battery pack, which has an EPA-rated range of 270 miles, and the Max Battery pack, which offers a maximum driving range of 410 miles when the R1T is equipped with 21-inch road tires.

Source: Rivian via Rivian Forums

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