Three crucial tips to pass your driving test including one app that is ‘so good’

A motoring expert has revealed the best ways that learner drivers can build their confidence ahead of their driving test.

Abigayle, known as She Talks Cars, is a motoring journalist that gives viewers advice on how to save money and avoid trouble on the roads.

In one of her latest videos, Abigayle stated that motorists that are new to the roads should always start by learning theory by using an app.

She explained: “Number one, if you’ve not done your theory yet, do the app. The app is so good, I can’t recommend anything else.

“Just do the app when you’re on the bus or train, find an app. I used a free app; I mean it was some time ago but still I’m sure there’s still a free app out there somewhere.”

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There are numerous driving theory apps available to download onto smartphones, many of which are backed by motoring organisations such as the RAC and the AA.

These apps can help learners by quizzing them on questions that may appear in the test and giving instant feedback on where they should revise further.

Whichever app drivers use, it is widely recommended that they try to use it for short periods of time everyday.

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Abigayle also added that learner drivers should also encourage their parents to teach them to drive in their car.

She continued: “If you’ve got particularly nice parents who will put you as a driver on their insurance ask them to do it and go out with them.

“I know parents are very frustrating in the car, I have horrible memories going out with my dad in his sandal car [Mercedes-Benz A-Class], but still it really helped and I am grateful Dad, thank you.”

Finally, She Talks Cars also noted that people who are learning to drive should never feel discouraged by previous experiences.

She added: “If you’re not getting it, just keep going. It just starts to click after time, I promise!

“I would think sometimes, how am I going to pass my test, I don’t have a clue, and literally look at what I’m doing now!”

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