Take To The Water With BeTriton’s New Amphibious E-Bike Trailer

With the growing popularity of e-bikes, people are discovering new and exciting ways to enjoy the great outdoors. We’ve talked about a bunch of e-bike campers in the past, but what if your desire for adventure goes beyond dry land? Well, there are options like BeTriton’s Z-Triton, an innovative amphibious e-bike that can be ridden both on land and in the water. As it would turn out, BeTriton wasn’t content with its initial design, and has released a new model.

In essence, BeTriton’s newest innovation offers all the same features and benefits as the original, but in a more versatile package. While the original Z-Triton was a standalone vehicle, the new model is compatible with virtually any e-bike as it takes the form of an easily attachable trailer. It makes use of a seatpost attachment that can be fitted on virtually any bike, but BeTriton recommends it to be fitted on more powerful e-bikes, specifically S-Pedelecs capable of speeds up to 28 miles per hour.

It’s important to note that the BeTriton Trailer has a width of 1.4 meters (about 4.5 feet), so it may be a bit of a squeeze on tighter bike paths. Meanwhile, on the water, the camping boat measures 2.4 meters by 4.5 meters (7.9 feet by 14.7 feet), offering a generous amount of room for up to two adults – talk about a romantic date on a lake. The boat gets around via an electric motor producing a maximum output of 2,150 watts. The company says that it can travel at speeds up to five miles per hour.

When it comes to battery tech, the boat gets two batteries with a capacity of 1,440 watt-hours each. Should you choose to use both batteries, range is estimated to be about 15 miles. BeTriton says that the amphibious e-bike trailer is designed for use in inland waters, as well as shallow coastal waters. In Europe, it corresponds to category D per recreational boat guidelines. The boat can carry up to 260 kilograms including the batteries, your e-bike, some luggage, and two adults. The e-bike you use to pull it around on land can be attached with an additional carrier mounted on the stern and drawbar.

In terms of pricing and availability, the BeTriton Trailer commands quite a premium. Its basic package commands 9,900 euros, or about $10,807 USD. However, opting for the whole package, complete with sleeping mats, folding anchors, lights, and extra storage compartments, will set you back a whopping 12,300 euros (about $13,427 USD).

Sources: BeTriton, E-Bike News

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