Ride1Up Looks To Take E-Bike Market By Storm With Super Affordable Portola

San Diego, California-based e-bike specialist Ride1Up has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with in the e-bike scene. Despite being a relatively new player in the game (the brand opened its doors in 2018), Ride1Up has impressed with its affordable and capable e-bikes. Not convinced? Check out our review of the Ride1Up REVV 1.

That being said, Ride1Up has always been about stuffing as much value as it could on all its models, while keeping its prices incredibly attractive. Its newest offering, the Portola, takes this to a whole new level, and even puts non-electric bikes to shame when it comes to its value-for-money. You see, for just $995, you could get yourself a folding electric bike that is compact enough to fit in the back of the car, while having enough cargo-hauling capacity to carry around your daily essentials with ease.

The Portola tries to tick all the boxes when it comes to what people are looking for in a city-slicker e-bike. Apart from its low price tag, it also has a low frame that makes it easy for riders of all heights to swing a leg over and ride. If you’re on the taller side of the spectrum, you need not worry, too, as the bike has an adjustable seat. On top of that, the cargo rack at the back is integrated into the frame, and is rated for up to 130 pounds of stuff.

On the technology side of the story, we find a rather powerful rear hub motor with a power output of 750 watts. This gives the bike more than enough grunt to tackle the steep hills of the city, as well as the occasional gravel road (the Portola rolls on thick all-terrain tires and has a front suspension fork). The battery is compact and removable from the frame, allowing for convenient charging both on and off the bike. It’s also offered with two battery options – either a 500-watt-hour unit for urban duty, or a bigger 643 watt-hour unit for folks looking to go the extra mile.

With all that being said, if you look hard enough, it’s clear to see where Ride1Up has managed to cut costs with the Portola. For starters, its electric motor makes use of a rudimentary cadence sensor, instead of a torque sensor. As such, expect pedal assistance to be ever so slightly jerkier than what you’d find on torque sensor-equipped bikes. The bike also makes use of an eight-speed Shimano drivetrain with standard derailleur gears, instead of a fancy internal gear system with a carbon belt drive. Nevertheless, the bike’s value proposition surely makes it a near-irresistible offer for folks looking to get into e-bikes on a budget.

If you’re convinced that the Ride1Up Portola presents a good deal, then you’ll be surprised to know that Ride1Up is currently offering it for an even lower price. Just a few minutes before I wrote this article, Ride1Up’s landing page for the Portola went live, and lists the bike with an introductory price of just $895 USD. feel free to check it out in the links below.

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