Mechanic shares reasons drivers should not buy an electric car today

Test driving 'UK's slowest electric car' the Citroen Ami

Leading mechanic Scotty Kilmer has urged drivers not to buy an electric car with the technology still “unproven”.

The YouTube star claimed the new vehicles were not right for drivers travelling long distances in the same way petrol and diesel cars are.

The heavy upfront costs were also a barrier with many motorists turning away from the technology due to the expensive price tag.

Instead, he urged motorists to only consider switching to an EV in the “future” when the infrastructure was more advanced.

Mr Kilmer told his YouTube channel: “Electric cars at the dealerships piling up and no one is buying the stupid things.

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“They are overpriced, it’s unproven technology, people in America drive a lot of distance or at least they think they want to.

“So they buy big vehicles, they buy trucks, they buy SUVs. Those are the most popular vehicles now right?

“You electrify those things they end up costing a fortune if they have any range… because they are so big and heavy. It’s always in the future, so my advice is yeah buy an electric car in the future, not today.”

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed an increase in electric car sales so far this year.

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So far this year over 190,000 new electric cars have been sold in the UK, up 40.5 percent on 2022 figures.

Plug-in hybrid sales were also up with over 30 percent more machines rolling out of forecourts. This has generally been backed up in the United States which recorded almost 300,000 EV sales in Q2.

This was up over 48 percent on Q2 2022 results with Tesla remaining the largest manufacturer in the sector.

A recent analysis from Regit found 79 percent of drivers polled were concerned about a lack of electric car charging station with 70 percent calling out the staggering costs.

Meanwhile, 58 percent of those surveyed now don’t feel they would ever own an EV.

But, Mr Kilmer added: “They are piling up at the dealerships and people aren’t buying them. I have personally have already seen them piling up at the dealership as I go around and study stuff and look at stuff.

“They can talk the talk ‘oh you’ve got to buy an electric car by 2030’. But if people don’t buy them guess what, that is the end of that.

“People see ‘hey this technology, it isn’t even perfected yet, there’s no electricity to charge the cars, what a hassle, range anxiety. They can be build them but will people buy them? And it looks like people just aren’t.”

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