Most ‘intelligent’ drivers come from a Midlands city

The vehicle service and tyre fitter ATS Euromaster have revealed that 99 percent of UK motorists would fail their driving theory test if they needed to sit it again.

The study, in which 1,010 motorists were quizzed, found that only one in 124 drivers would pass the test, which is a key requirement of gaining a driving licence.

Paul Maynard, technical training manager at ATS Euromaster, highlighted the importance of knowing the rules of the road.

He explained: “With qualified drivers only able to answer around one in three questions on the theory test correctly, this shows a knowledge gap with the UK’s current drivers.

“Laws change constantly, so it’s worth taking the time to brush up on the highway code and make sure you’re fully up to date.”

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The study noted that the most intelligent drivers in the UK came from Sheffield, with 42 percent of participants from the city passing.

Leeds and Manchester’s motorists also scored well, both receiving 39 percent in the driving theory test.

However, drivers from Newcastle and Norwich received the worst scores in the test, with both cities scoring just 30 percent.

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According to the survey, the hardest question on the driving theory test asked motorists what colour follows green at a puffin crossing.

Other questions drivers found challenging covered using headlamps when parked, braking distances and emissions.

However, whilst it is unlikely that many drivers would pass a theory test if they needed to resit one, ATS Euromaster noted that the majority of motorists could face fines for not knowing certain rules.

Not knowing many of the rules covered in the theory test could lead to a motorist driving without due care and attention.

Drivers who get pulled over for this offence could face a fine of up to £2,500 and three points on their licence.

To remain aware of all driving laws, many experts advise motorists to regularly familiarise themselves with the Highway Code.

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