‘I’m a car expert – drivers should never follow this popular TikTok trend’

Drivers have been urged to avoid a TikTok tip which could lead to “hundreds of pounds” worth of damage to vehicles.

The social media clip shows online influencers mixing together a solution of white vinegar and coconut oil to remove bodywork scratches.

The solution is then dabbed onto a cloth and splashed onto the bodywork where it removes surface-level dents in seconds.

The online clip, uploaded by TikTok user @aubreesmommy.1, has been viewed over a million times with many accounts reposting their own versions.

However, motoring expert Sal Patel from Finest Car Mats warns following the simple idea could wreak havoc.

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He said: “The videos look impressive, and the scratches seem to disappear. What is really happening is the mixture is acting like a moisturiser covering up the scratches.

“When the mixture dries out the scratch will be visible again. Not only doesn’t this hack work but it could cause more damage to your paint job and end up costing you hundreds to have it fixed by a professional.”

Social media tipsters have claimed their homemade solution can be produced for less than £15 with items commonly found in stores and supermarkets.

This would be a lot cheaper than paying specialists who can charge up to £150 to fix a series of dents.

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However, Mr Patel warns vinegar could “corrode” bodywork and soak the shine off the paintwork, leading to long-term damage.

Meanwhile, he claims the qualities found in vinegar could cause more scratches.

He added: “It’s not a good idea to use vinegar on your car’s paintwork. While vinegar isn’t the strongest of acids it can still cause corrosion and damage your paint.

“Over time this can damage your clear coat which will cause your car to look dull in appearance.”

“Vinegar also doesn’t have much lubrication compared to products meant for fixing scratches either, so when you move your cloth over your scratches you can cause more damage.

“Non-lubricating solutions act like sandpaper when your cloth comes into contact with any dirt, this will result in your car having dull areas which are costly to fix.

“For this reason, you shouldn’t use vinegar for removing scratches, or cleaning your car.”

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