Mechanic shares clever tip to boost fuel economy – but drivers could be fined

Catalytic Converter: How the device helps reduce emissions

Leading car mechanic Scotty Kilmer has revealed petrol and diesel drivers can improve car performance and boost fuel economy by following a simple motoring tip.

However, drivers who follow the advice could be slapped with severe penalties including a staggering £2,500 fine.

Kilmer was answering messages from fans when he stumbled across a confused driver in South Africa.

The baffled motorist had discovered their Honda CR-V ran better after pulling out their catalytic converter tool.

Kilmer replied: “The only thing your catalytic converter does is burn unburned hydrocarbons. It is an air pollution device, that is it.

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“You found with your CR-V that it ran better and it got better gas mileage because it has some restriction on the exhaust,

“You can do the same thing with your old CR-V, the only thing is you’ll get ‘check engine light’ come on because the computer will know it’s gone but the car will run perfectly fine. It will actually run better just like your other one probably.

“I don’t know what the laws are in South Africa. But you straight-piped your CR-V so I assume they really don’t have any inspection laws or anything there.”

Motoring experts at Krosfou have reiterated that removing a catalytic converter could lead to benefits.

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They commented: “The catalytic converter forces the air and gases emitted by the engine to pass through tiny ducts.

“By removing it, the engine breathes more and develops more power. The sound is also enhanced and fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 10 percent, depending on the car model.”

However, The UK has strict catalytic converter rules with drivers likely to face hefty fines for running their vehicle without one.

Car owners will likely be issued a £1,000 fine while those with a van may be slapped with a £2,500 charge.

Motorists could also invalidate their car insurance costing them hundreds more in the long run.

Vehicles without a catalytic converter in place will also fail the annual MOT test and will be banned from driving on the roads.

However, drivers could still face sanctions even if they didn’t intentionally remove the device.

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise with the tools now a major target for criminals. The small boxes contain a series of rare metals including palladium.

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