‘I’m a car expert – drivers should park here to avoid this new car scam’

Halfords demonstrate how to check and inflate your car tyres

Motorists have been told to park close to stores to avoid being affected by a tyre scam, according to mechanic Scotty Kilmer.

He warned fraudsters were purposefully going around damaging car tyres which could lead to devastating consequences.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Mr Kilmer said: “Another scam is the flat tyre scam. You go out to the store and people come when nobody is looking, they let the air out of your tyre.

“Then you come and you’ve got a flat tire and they come up to you ‘Oh, I can change your flat tyre, I can take it to a gas station and get it fixed for you, blah, blah blah.”

“Now generally it takes a long time for a tyre to go flat. Let’s say you got a nail or something in the tyre and it’s gone flat, it’s not going to generally get flat while you go to the store.

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“The light will already be on for the tyre pressure monitoring system, you’ll know you’ve got a low tyre somewhere and need to get it fixed.

“But if you go to the store and the light was never on and all of a sudden you have a flat tyre and now your lights on, I’d say they let the air out of the tyre.”

Mr Kilmer warned drivers “don’t want to deal with these people” if they can avoid it for a variety of reasons.

He stressed scammers may take it to a petrol station and steal the tyre or drive to a garage they own.

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Fraudsters can then charge road users “a whole bunch of money” for repairs even if they only have a flat tyre.

Mr Kilmer encouraged motorists to always carry a tyre pressure machine inside their vehicles for emergencies.

However, he also insisted that parking closer to stores would also deter many scammers from pulling off the stunt in the first place.

He explained: “Be wary of scams like this. And in order to avoid scams like this, the best thing to do is to park as close to the front of any parking area that you can.

“People can’t be letting air out of tyres in broad view when everybody is coming out.

“If you’re close to the door they can’t sit there letting air out of the tyres, people are going to see them.

“And if you ever do get a scam like this pulled on you, go into the store and say they’re people letting air out of the tyres, they can even look at the security cameras.”

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