‘Little-known button can instantly reduce fuel consumption by 12%”

As the cost of fuel continues to rise, a popular motoring influencer has reminded drivers that pressing a button before driving could save money.

Megans Bubble regularly posts short videos to her TikTok page, sharing tips and tricks on a variety of subjects including motoring.

In one video, Megan explained how drivers can improve their car’s fuel economy by pressing a button that engages the start/stop feature.

She said: “It’s going to automatically shut down your vehicle when it’s stationary for a long time like when you’re sitting at a stop light or maybe at a Starbucks drive-through. It’s supposed to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.”

In the video, Megan informs viewers that the function can be activated by pressing a button on the centre console that features the letter-A in a circle.

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While Megan does not press the button herself in the video, some models to come with start/stop automatically turn on the function when the driver starts the engine.

Megan added that she believes all drivers should know about this function and why they should use it before they turn 30 years old.

For drivers using this feature, fuel economy could increase by up to 12 percent.

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Whilst not quite as expensive as it was during the summer of 2022, the tip is particularly relevant to motorists today due to rising petrol and diesel prices.

The RAC reported that, during August 2023, the cost of a litre of petrol rose by 7p to £1.52 whilst diesel increased by 8p to £1.54 per litre.

The organisation noted that the recent increase in fuel prices is due to the cost of crude oil increasing to $87 per barrel.

Nevertheless, Simon Williams, fuel spokesperson for the RAC, added that fuel prices may have risen at a slower rate if companies such as supermarkets cut their profit margins.

He explained: “August was a big shock to drivers, as they had grown used to seeing far lower prices than last summer’s record highs.

“The fact that drivers appear to have lost out to the tune of £1billion as a result of increased retailer margins on fuel is nothing short of astounding in a cost-of-living crisis and confirms what we’ve been saying for many years: that supermarkets haven’t been treating drivers fairly at the pumps.”

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