‘I’ve been a mechanic 55 years – electric cars are a scam’

The famous motor mechanic Scotty Kilmer has voiced his opinion on the cost of electric vehicles, stating that they are too expensive to run.

The automotive influencer, who has worked on cars for over 55 years, often posts videos to his YouTube channel and his TikTok, discussing the latest motoring news and answering viewer questions.

In his latest video, Scotty talks about the increasing costs of public electric vehicle chargers, stating one way which some companies are subtly increasing the cost.

He explained: “In some areas, instead of charging you by the kilowatt hour (kWh), which would be fair as you get so much energy to so much money, they are charging by the minute you’re plugged into the machine.

“The fast chargers are supposed to charge your car real fast, right? Guess what happens when a bunch of people charge. It goes slower, or they just don’t work right.”

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According to the charger location app ZapMap, there were nearly 48,500 electric vehicle chargers in the UK in August 2023.

Whilst this is a 22 percent increased compared to 12 months earlier, the increase in sales of electric vehicles means there are fewer chargers per EVs.

As a result, the increase in demand, in conjunction with rising energy costs, means that the average electric car owner paid 76p per kWh to use a rapid or ultra-rapid charger.

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Scotty continued by telling viewers about one viewer who wrote in stating that it was significantly more expensive to run an electric pickup truck if he used fast chargers.

He added: “One guy found out that for every 100 miles it cost them $17.10 [£13.68] to drive it, this is a truck using gasoline [petrol].

“Charging an electric truck if you do it at home costs $17.72 [£14.17] so it’s only a little bit more expensive to charge it up, but the same guy found out that when he took his truck to a public fast charger it cost him $26.38 [£21.10] for every 100 miles he drove.”

In order to save money when charging an electric vehicle, many experts recommend using a home charger wherever possible.

Whilst home charging points typically cost between £500 and £1,000 to install and may be impossible for some drivers to install, many of the latest models feature timers.

Setting this timer means the electric vehicle can be charged overnight in order to take advantage of cheaper energy rates.

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