‘I’m a mechanic – my car maintenance tip could save you huge sums in repairs’

A car mechanic has demonstrated a useful trick which could save drivers colossal sums on repairs this autumn.

The handy tip comes from TikTok content creator @Checkenginechuckllc, whose account is dedicated to discussions on shared useful maintenance hacks for vehicles.

“The fall is officially here and if there is one person that likes helping us mechanics make money it’s money nature,” the mechanic declared in his recent clip. “So stick around for just a minute and I’m going to show you how you save thousands of dollars.”

He explained a big portion of diagnoses in the repairs he carries out are brought on by the unwanted entry of water into the vehicle.

Surprisingly one of the main culprits for this water entry is the fallen leaves, which are responsible for water entry in roughly 90 percent of cases.

The main issue with dry leaves is they disintegrate into plant matter which blocks the drain around the sunroofs on vehicles.

To check that a drain is still working, however, all you need is a bottle of water.

“Take that bottle of water and dump it right where the rain would end up entering,” noted the TikToker. “And then what you do is travel to the bottom of the car and make sure that it’s leaking out right beyond the fender.”

If you do not see the liquid leaking down this could mean the liquid is ending up elsewhere where it could potentially cause long-term damage.

“According to the mechanic, the liquid would typically end up around the footwells which on most vehicles contain ‘expensive modules’,” he added.

“Computers do not like water, as we know. And unfortunately, rice isn’t going to get you out of one of them going bad.”

The mechanic warned: “Now if you do the water test and you see nothing but a slow drip or nothing at all, I highly suggest that you end up bringing your car to your mechanic and ask him to simply clean your sunroof drains.”

The job will take between half an hour to an hour, and provided there are no breakages to repair, some mechanics may not even charge for the job.

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“I can personally promise you [this] will be cheaper than any repair that a mechanic will have to do based on unwanted water getting into your vehicle,” admitted the car expert.

For extra precaution, drivers are advised to check another area of the car where leaves love to collect; the gully, where the bottom of the windscreen meets the bonnet.

Checking this area is imperative as it also harbours drains areas which remove water collecting at the bottom of the windshield, so make sure to clean it out regularly.

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