‘I’m a car expert – this cheap device makes an old car feel like a Tesla’

A social media user has revealed how any almost any car can be modified to feel more like a Tesla with an affordable device.

@CarPlayPro regularly posts short videos to their TikTok page, showing the benefits of using a plug in touchscreen that can connect to a smartphone.

In one of the videos, @CarPlayPro explained that the touchscreen can easily be set up in any car that features Bluetooth and can connect to an iPhone through Apple CarPlay.

He said: “So, this right here is the Car Play Pro, it plugs in through your cigarette port, you pop it on the dash and there you have CarPlay.

“It works with any car through Bluetooth and that’s how you get CarPlay without breaking the bank.”

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In the video, @CarPlayPro mounts the touchscreen to the dashboard of an old car like a satnav and plugs it into the 12-volt socket in the centre console.

The device connects to the car via Bluetooth, which can be built into the car or added via an adapter, in order to use the speakers.

In another post, he also revealed that a reversing camera can also be installed to the car and used with the device.

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First launched in 2014, Apple CarPlay is a legal way for drivers to access some of their smartphone’s features on the move.

Using the infotainment touchscreen, drivers and occupants can make calls, use a variety of satellite navigation systems and listen to music and podcasts.

Apple CarPlay also extensively uses Siri, allowing drivers to speak to the device and decreasing the risk of them getting distracted at the wheel.

With over 1.5 million likes, many people were impressed at the amount of features the touchscreen gave the old car.

One viewer commented: “Man, if only I knew this existed, could have saved like £200 when I had my Corsa”.

Another added: “Bro, I had to buy a tablet and just use two magnet mounts and connect that to Bluetooth!”

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