I’m a car salesman – my pro tip saves you thousands buying used

A car dealership owner has revealed the best negotiation tool you have during used vehicle shopping.

The auto wizard, Shawn Payne, said in a TikTok that time is your most valuable asset when looking for a pre-owned deal.

Shawn said: “What we [used car dealers] don’t like is when a vehicle becomes what’s called aged.”

The dealership boss added: “Once a car becomes 45-60 days in our inventory, not only do the values drop, the book values drop, so we’re going to get less for the car when we do sell it.

“A lot of dealerships have what’s called a turn, and it’s usually a 60 or 90-day time period where the dealership has a strict policy that when the vehicle becomes 60 or 90 days old, they have to get rid of it.”

Shawn recommended capitalizing on dealership turns by looking for a car that’s been on the market for at least 30 days.

Car listings typically note how long a used vehicle has been for sale, and Shawn clarified that any model that hasn’t sold after 30 days will be on a dealership’s radar.

Shawn also suggested opting in to receive price-drop alerts on the pre-owned car so you can remind the dealership of your previous offer after every value decrease.

But the dealership boss clarified that you don’t want to drop below your original offer unless the used vehicle hasn’t sold for at least 60 days.

Shawn’s TikTok featured a reply from one of his viewers: “I just did that for two vehicles.

“The dealership told me to pound sand.

“One week later, they called me and asked if I was still interested.”

However, another viewer commented on Shawn’s TikTok, describing a different experience using the dealership owner’s negotiation tactic.

The viewer wrote: “Tried this, they still wouldn’t budge, and it was at 60 days. I wasn’t low-balling either. It was wild. They [dealership] still have it on the lot today.”

Shawn replied: “You just came across a dumb dealer. Call and ask for the sales manager around the 29th of the month.”

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