Ford Maverick Outsold The Ford Ranger Over 3-1 In Q3 2023

Pickups are often among the best-selling vehicle segments in the United States, and monitors truck sales every quarter. The Q3 delivery results are in, so let’s see which models lead the class.

Full-Size Truck Sales

The ranking of full-size truck sales remains the same as in the second quarter. The Ford F-Series continues its reign as the best-selling model in the segment. The Blue Oval also moved 3,503 units of the F-150 Lightning EV during Q3, which was down 45.8 percent from Q2.

Chevy saw solid gains for the Silverado family of pickups by gaining 22.4 percent during the quarter and 8.0 percent for the year so far. It also delivered 18 units of the Silverado EV during the quarter.

Ram’s trucks are the only ones with a decline for the quarter and year so far.

The GMC Sierra is the Silverado’s high-class sibling, and it’s having a great year. Sales for the quarter are up 45.9 percent and gaining 27.9 percent for the year.

Toyota only releases Tundra deliveries every quarter. The truck’s deliveries are up 24.4 percent this year.

The Nissan Titan only moved 4,857 units this quarter, but that was up 280.9 percent over Q2.

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Mid-Size Trucks Sales

The Toyota Tacoma is the segment leader among mid-size trucks, and deliveries are up 2.2 percent for the year. It even outsells the larger Tundra. 

The Chevy Colorado ranks second but its 25,520 sales are less than half of what Toyota’s competitors move. Even if you factor in the similar GMC Canyon, the pair of smaller trucks from General Motors still wouldn’t be close to how the rival from the Japanese automaker does.

The Jeep Gladiator, Nissan Frontier, and Ford Ranger saw double-digit sales drops in Q3.

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Compact Truck Sales

The Ford Maverick had a great quarter because deliveries grew 83.4 percent in Q3. The automaker moved more than three times as many as the Ranger. The Hyundai Santa Cruz also did fine by seeing a 5.0 percent gain.

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Ford could win the full-size and compact segments at the end of the year because the brand’s trucks have significant leads over the competitors. The Tacoma’s commanding lead in the mid-size segment seems unbeatable unless there’s a massive change that would allow the other models to surge ahead in sales.

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