‘I’m a car expert – three reasons you should buy an EV include being superior’

A social media influencer has informed motorists of the best parts of owning an all-electric pickup truck.

The TikTok user @surfridedrive is a pickup truck expert who regularly posts short videos to showcase the latest models from a number of brands.

In a recent video, he showed viewers around a Ford F-150 Lightning, the latest electric version of the strongest-selling truck in the USA and highlighted that all electric vehicles are cheaper to run.

He explained: “Number one: maintenance. With very few moving parts it’s much easier to maintain an EV pickup than its gas counterpart.

“Number two: no gas. Recharging your EV pickup costs a fraction of what it costs to refuel a gas truck.”

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According to the RAC, motorists paid on average 71.41p per kilowatt-hour to rapid charge their electric vehicle during September 2023.

Whilst it meant that prices had increased some 17 percent compared to 12 months earlier, the organisation noted that the month saw the end of significant price rises.

However, the typical prices for petrol and diesel continue to increase, with the AA predicting big price hikes as the value of oil grows.

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Later in the video, @surfridedrive joked that driving an electric pickup truck also helps to give motorists an ego boost, certainly helped by the quick acceleration EVs are known for.

He added: “Number three: ego. Driving an electric pickup truck will boost your ego to real estate agent levels, allowing you to look down on gas drivers, knowing you are superior in every single way.

“Yes, it’s an EV pickup and yes, I am a real estate agent, thank you very much! As a matter of fact, I do feel superior and you would feel superior too if you owned one.”

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Whilst the Ford F-150 Lightning has yet to reach UK shores, it has already been a success in the USA, with tens of thousands placing an order for one before deliveries began.

In its most powerful form, the Lightning produces 572-horsepower, carry a maximum payload of 900kg and travel up to 320 miles per charge.

However, various other American companies are in the process of launching other electric pickup trucks, including the Rivian R1T, Lordstown Endurance and the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck.

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