Porsche Discontinuing Greyp E-Bike Brand Due To Profitability Concerns

Out of all the automakers who have expressed interest in the e-bike scene, Porsche is one of the most committed, setting up a division in-house dedicated solely to the development of e-bikes. Of course, like most other manufacturers, Porsche didn’t reinvent the wheel, but rather, sought the expertise of other established brands already operating in the e-bike space.

For example, it’s a well known fact that the German automaker has e-bike drive specialist Fazua under its wing. Other brands such as Rotwild are also deeply involved in Porsche eBike Performance. Previously, it was also announced that Porsche had acquired a majority stake in Croatian e-bike brand Greyp. Initially, the plan was for Porsche to integrate Greyp’s technology into its e-bike endeavors, while Greyp was to continue operating as its own brand. This has changed, and it appears that Porsche is dropping the Greyp brand entirely.

Greyp’s technological innovations will live on, of course, as they will be integrated into the Porsche eBike Performance division. However, the bitter pill to swallow is that a number of employees had to be laid off as a result of the decision, although the company has not disclosed exactly how many employees it had to retrench.

Porsche cites that Greyp turned out to be “insufficiently profitable,” and subsequently, will no longer be included in the brand’s future plans. Porsche says that Greyp will gradually be closed down by the end of 2023. Nevertheless, the company assures current Greyp e-bike owners that support will still be available for their bikes. As mentioned earlier, some of Greyp’s proprietary technology will be integrated into the Porsche eBike Performance division, so Greyp’s tech will continue to live on, albeit under different branding.

As for the future of Porsche eBike Performance as a whole, the brand shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to electric bicycles. Fazua continues updating its technology and releasing new features to improve the experience of e-bikers of all backgrounds. Furthermore, Porsche eBike Performance has its sights set on developing and producing its own e-bike systems, as the brand has expressed that this is at the very core of its business.

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