‘I’m a car expert – pressing this button unveils a compartment few drivers know’

While many of the latest electric cars feature a number of luxurious features, a motoring expert has detailed a unique function on one model that many drivers are not aware of.

Matthew Watson is an automotive journalist who posts reviews of the latest models to his social media channels @matwatsoncars.

In one of his latest videos, Matthew explains a rather unusual feature that can be found in the Lucid Air, a new luxury EV from America.

He said: “Have you ever seen a feature like this in a car before? This is the Lucid Air, and it’s got some storage behind this screen which seems very hard to get to.

“However, there’s a secret button on the screen, and if you press this the screen recesses into the dash to give you access to the storage, and then you just put the screen back by pressing the button again, and then… ta-da!”

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The short video shows Matthew simply tapping a small arrow-shaped button at the bottom of the large infotainment touchscreen, mounted on the centre console.

Once the button is pressed, a motor moves the screen back to fit it into a small hole in the dashboard, revealing a secret compartment.

Whilst the compartment can still be accessed through a small gap on either side of the centre console when the screen is in place, this tip can help for keeping bulkier goods safe.

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In the comment section of the video, one Lucid Air owner also added that the mechanism will stop the screen from moving if it senses an object in its way.

However, whilst many drivers were impressed to hear about the unique feature, others joked that some drivers may not take complete advantage of the large storage compartment.

One viewer commented: “A lot of work to get a chewing gum.”

Announced in late 2016 and officially launched in 2021, the Lucid Air is a luxury model that is manufactured in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Rivalling the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan, Lucid claims that the Air has the longest range on any electric luxury car currently available, at 516 miles.

The high-performance Dream-Edition is also set to stun on the track, with a 0-60mph acceleration time of just 2.5 seconds.

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