‘I replaced my Tesla with a petrol car because of an annoying feature’

A social media star has revealed why she has traded her electric Tesla Model Y for a petrol-powered BMW X5.

Meghan Husker regularly posts short videos about her life to her TikTok channel @meglskalla, occasionally looking at her car.

In one of her videos, Meghan explained that she would often get frustrated with the infotainment system on the Tesla.

She said: “I thought I would miss the simplicity of the Tesla where it was just the screen and nothing else, but I love the dashboard and everything on the BMW, especially the Apple CarPlay because the Tesla didn’t have that.

“So, this is my CarPlay and, if anyone asks, I am a [Apple] Maps girl. I hated the map navigation system on the Tesla, I always got lost.”

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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are offered on many new cars and allow drivers to access features of their phone on the touchscreen in a safer manner.

However, Tesla do not feature either of these systems on their cars, instead featuring a comprehensive infotainment system.

The company has previously claimed that they believe it is not necessary to implement third party software in their car to improve the experience behind the wheel.

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Meghan also noted that the build quality of her current BMW is superior to the Tesla and features small touches to improve the ownership experience.

She added: “And the finishes are just elevated from the Tesla, I feel like the Tesla was like a plastic toy car almost.

“And I love that I can cover my sunroof, the Tesla’s was always exposed, I love that I have the option to open or close it.”

Nevertheless, sales of Tesla cars remain strong, with the 24,148 Model Y SUVs sold in the UK during August 2023, making it the third best-selling car of the month.

In addition, the Telsa Model Y was also the world’s best-selling during the first quarter of 2023, overtaking the famous Toyota Corolla for the first time.

The company is also set to begin mass-production of the long awaited Cybertruck, a bold-looking pickup truck that was first revealed in 2019.

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