‘Awesome’ TikTok video shows how to open windows when a car’s locked

Social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube often help motorists find ways to get the most out of their car, however, not all are for the better.

One video that has gone viral has sparked debate on whether it could be used as a method for breaking into vehicles.

In a video, posted to TikTok by Paul Vu, a man explains to viewers how they can get into a locked car with a plunger and some tape.

He said: “We got a baby in here, and my main priority right now is to get this baby out of this car. You’ve got to use anything you’ve got and right now I’ve got a plunger and this tape.

“You want to take this and use your momentum and you want to pull down just like that, reach in, open the door up, get the baby out, safe and sound.”

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In the video, the man sticks the sink plunger to the passenger door window before applying tape around it to give better grip.

He then applies force on the plunger to manually roll down the window in order to rescue the baby, a doll, from the otherwise empty car.

While the tip can be used to rescue children and animals in distress and help drivers who are locked out of their own car, some fear that the advice could be used in the wrong way.

With over 14,000 comments, many viewers were left divided on whether the tip should have been shared to TikTok users, with some thanking the creator for making the video.

One supporter commented: “Locked my keys in my car in this method worked for me. Most of the time you’re either at home or near a store when this happens. Appreciate you.”

Another added: “Wow, awesome lesson learned. Will be sharing it.”

However, some viewers were concerned that the trick could encourage some people to break into other vehicles.

One viewer wrote: “There would be a lot of stolen cars if this works.”

Another driver said: “It may work if the window regulator broke and the motor doesn’t work on that window.”

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