Fisker Ocean Deliveries Exceeded 100 Per Day Thanks To New Distribution Strategy

Fisker announced a new milestone of delivering more than 100 electric cars in a single day, which is expected to further increase in the coming weeks.

The company explains that the key to accelerating sales and deliveries was its new distribution strategy, which already allowed it to deliver 107 Oceans on November 16. 

The improved distribution capabilities include establishing its own delivery locations (globally), which are staffed by an ever-growing number of Fisker employees, as well as the addition of multiple transportation logistics partners to quickly move Fisker Oceans to delivery locations. 

According to the company, customers who live within 60 miles of a Fisker fulfillment location can have their vehicle delivered through Fisker Direct, “where a Fisker employee drives their Ocean directly to them for delivery, eliminating the use of a vehicle transport.”

However, let’s keep in mind that Fisker outlined a plan to deliver 300 cars per day in the fourth quarter of 2023, so the volume still has to triple.

During the third quarter. production and deliveries of the Fisker Ocean increased to respectively: 4,725 and 1,097 units.

Through the end of September, Fisker produced 5,802 cars. Production by mid-November amounted to roughly 9,000, while deliveries exceeded 3,000. This means that some 6,000 cars were somewhere between the Magna Steyr factory in Graz, Austria and customers. Now, we understand why there was an urgent need to tweak the distribution strategy.

While deliveries appear to be the main bottleneck, the production is also significantly behind schedule to achieve the previous guidance of 20,000-23,000 cars in 2023. Because it’s clear that such a volume can’t be achieved, the company has updated its 2023 production forecast to 13,000-17,000.

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