New Benno 46er Is A Compact Yet Versatile Cargo E-Bike

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Benno Bikes is best known for its impressive selection of urban-focused cargo bikes. Electric cargo bikes are considered by many as the next big thing when it comes to urban mobility. Boasting the ability to ride on cycling paths, electric cargo bikes are both compact and versatile, so much so that some people are actually using them as replacements for their cars on a daily basis.

This trend is especially prevalent in Europe and Asia, where tightly knit cities serve as the perfect playground for e-bikers. Indeed, weโ€™re seeing more and more new cargo e-bike options hit the market, the latest of which comes in the form of the Benno 46er. This model boasts similar styling and features with the Benno RemiDemi, a long-wheelbase cargo bike weโ€™ve talked about before. Only tis time, the 46er is more compact, making it easier to ride in tight, congested areas. It does, however, still boast impressive cargo-hauling capabilities, and not to mention a highly configurable setup.

On the performance front, we find a powerful motor from Bosch, with either the Performance Line CX or Performance Speed motor on offer. Itโ€™s important to note that the Speed motor is available only in select markets where a top speed of 28 miles per hour is permitted. Nevertheless, regardless of your motor of choice, the 46er is equipped with a 500-watt-hour InTube battery pack promising impressive range and convenient charging.

The Benno 46er is not only compact, but also promises some very impressive cargo-hauling capabilities. It can carry a total weight of 190 kilograms, with 60 kilograms on the rear rack, up to 120 kilograms in rider weight, and 10 kilograms of cargo up front. The entire bike tips the scales at an approachable 30 kilograms, and comes in a single frame size with multiple adjustment points to accommodate riders of varying sizes. The bike rolls on a mullet setup, with a 26-inch wheel up front and a 24-inch wheel at the back It gets a suspension fork to take the edge off some uneven surfaces, too.

As of this writing, Benno is accepting product inquiries on its official website, although pricing details of the new 46er havenโ€™t been released just yet. That said, feel free to check out the countless configurations of this new bike, as well as seeing the complete spec sheet on the Benno website.

Sources: Benno Bikes, Cycling Electric

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