Driving expert says motorists should ‘rub a potato or onion’ on their car

Icelandic motoring experts have encouraged road users to always rub a potato or onion over their glass car windscreen in a unique de-ice and de-mist method.

Experts at Lotus Car Rental said the vegetables will break down frost the second cold weather starts to stick on a windscreen or window.

The simple hack is also likely to prevent condensation forming on the glass meaning motorists can get on the roads quicker this autumn and winter.

Although an unlikely fix, potatoes contain sugars which provide a protective coating over the glass.

The slice should be run across all glass surfaces with rules stipulating that windscreens and windows must be completely clear before travelling.

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Lotus Car Rental said: “One of the most popular hacks on TikTok is cutting a potato or onion in half and rubbing it on your windows to stop them from steaming up.

“Using these vegetables will have a similar effect to vinegar, as the sugar molecules break down frost as soon as it forms on the windows which will create little freezing for when you go to de-ice your car in the morning.

“It’s important to be mindful that whilst this hack is likely to work, sometimes the vegetables can smear your windscreen, thus impacting your ability to see the road clearly.”

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The warning comes as temperatures look set to drop across the UK for the rest of the week.

The Met Office has predicted sub-zero conditions for Scotland with lows of around 6C or 7C from tomorrow.

Specialists at John Clark Motor Group also raised awareness of the potato hack last month.

However, the motoring experts also revealed that the simple solution could also help boost visibility in the rain.

The motor experts said: “This one really isn’t just an old wives’ tale! Rubbing the cut side of half a potato against the outer surface can make a real difference to your windscreen.

“Not only can it stop your windscreen from freezing in the winter, but it can also be a huge help when driving in the rain.

“The starch in the potato acts as a barrier between the glass and the air and can help with that all too common issue of your windscreen fogging up, making it hard to see.”

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