‘I bought my first Rolls Royce aged 20 and that’s only the beginning’

For most people, one of the first cars they own after they pass their test as a teenager is a small hatchback with a tiny engine.

Later on, in their early to mid-20s they might move up to a slightly bigger car with a slightly bigger engine.

For radio presenter and journalist Cormac Boylan that step up wasn’t nearly enough.

At the age of just 20, he decided to buy a second-hand Rolls Royce and began a relationship with the most prestigious and luxurious cars in the world.

Last week, Express.co.uk sat down with Mr Boylan to find out more about his automotive past, present, and ambitions for the future.

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Speaking about his relationship with the car he said: “I was in college at the time studying creative media and journalism and I was thinking I want to get a nice car.”

Although his gaze was initially drawn to high-performance Italian machinery, Mr Boylan’s eyes soon turned to home.

“Originally, I was looking at a Maserati Quattroporte but then I thought I wanted something a little more stylish and I found a Rolls Royce, a 1989 Silver Spirit II. I decided I was going to buy it.”

Mr Boylan said the car was “finished in my favourite colour Lagoon Blue” and described it as like “driving around in a cloud whilst sat in Buckingham Palace”.

From there began an exciting automotive adventure as a year later, Mr Boylan bought a Bentley Arnage at the age of 21.

Describing the Arnage, Mr Boylan said: “I personally don’t like the Arnage Green label. I think it’s too underpowered and too heavy, it’s a bit like a seal dragging its belly on the floor.”

After a year with the Arnage, Mr Boylan decided to buy his second Rolls Royce, a Silver Shadow near his home in Leicester. He said the car had been “sat outside unloved and abandoned in a Leicestershire car park for a few years”.

While purchasing and owning a classic Rolls Royce or two is a dream of many, Mr Boylan added a word of caution to those thinking about the move.

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He said: “You’ve got to have the money behind you if they do go wrong.”

His warning to young people who aspire to own these cars is that even if they can afford to buy them, they need to consider whether they can afford to repair them if something goes wrong.

While Mr Boylan is proud of his current car collection, he isn’t standing still with eyes on a Bentley Continental GT in the future.

He also harbours ambitions to replicate the success of Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Evans who both presented Top Gear.

He said: “My ambition is to expand onto national TV and radio. Chris Evans and Jeremy Clarkson are two people who I look up to.

“I want to entertain people and give back to people. I want people to watch me, and I want to give back and entertain people because that’s what I love doing.”

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