Drivers risk ‘unlimited fine’ and driving ban due to new change this weekend

Dr Amir gives sleep advice for clock change

Motorists are at risk of being slapped with an unlimited fine and a driving ban for breaking the Highway Code due to a major change this weekend. 

The clocks go back at 2am on Sunday morning with the introduction of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 

However, the update means it will get darker an hour earlier with sunset expected at just 4:40pm on Sunday.

It means commuters who leave work at 5pm will travel home in the dark for the first this year on Monday.

But, experts at HGV recruitment firm Driver Hire Training warn road users could be under threat.

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They stressed motorists are likely to feel more tired when travelling at night which could result in becoming drowsy.

The firm said: “It’s natural to feel tired when it’s dark outside, and this can be a further danger when driving during the winter months. 

“Drivers must therefore take extra precautions to avoid drowsiness behind the wheel.

“Ensuring you’re getting enough sleep will decrease the chances of feeling lethargic on the road, if still you do then make sure to take regular breaks and even sleep if needed.

“With colder months bringing more flu and cold symptoms, make sure you’re only driving when feeling alert.”

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The Highway Code states drivers must make sure they are fit to drive before getting in the car. 

Rule 91 says driving while tired greatly increases the risk of a collision while those who feel sleepy should stop in a safe place.

It means motorists could be charged with dangerous driving if they cause an accident while they are tired. 

This could see road users issued an unlimited fine, a possible driving ban and a custodial sentence in some extreme cases.

The AA has suggested that the number of crashes dramatically increases in the autumn months. 

There were 23 percent more accidents compared to the summer with data showing slippery roads due to the weather contributed to 4,244 collisions last year.

John Wilmot, CEO of car leasing comparison site LeaseLoco said: “When the clocks go back this weekend, drivers need to be more vigilant behind the wheel with the darker evenings and more changeable weather. 

“Drivers face tougher road conditions generally as summer is firmly in the rearview mirror and colder, more changeable weather lies ahead of us.

“Safety should always be a top priority when driving. It’s important to adjust your driving to suit more challenging road conditions and take your time when you’re out and about, even if you know the routes like the back of your hand.”

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