Driver Needs New License Plate After Crashing "Will Run" Mustang In Police Chase

First off, we’re happy to report that only minor injuries were reported in this ironic crash involving a Ford Mustang and a Land Rover Discovery. That will hopefully let you, dear reader, enjoy some of the karma dished to the 18-year-old driver responsible for all of this absurdity. Allegedly, anyway, as folks are innocent until proven guilty. But having your asshattery caught on camera generally doesn’t bode well for an acquittal.

Here’s what we know, courtesy of KRON 4 News in San Francisco and the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Police attempted to stop the Ford Mustang pictured here for speeding in the town of Rohnert Park, located roughly 50 miles north of San Francisco. True to the Will Run license plate on the back of the car, the driver apparently hit the gas and took off. A Facebook post from the CHP says the driver, identified later as 18-year-oldย Marcus Burton, blasted up Highway 101 at speeds over 100 mph. And then came the crash.

Video from KRON 4 shows the moment of impact, and frankly, it looks like things could’ve ended much worse for everyone involved. The Mustang sped along the shoulder before hitting a Land Rover with a family of three inside, all of whom were taken to a local hospital to be checked out. As for Burton, he was also checked for minor injuries before heading off to jail where he faces a litany of felony chargesย  A 17-year-old passenger in the Mustang โ€“ presumably the person we see crawling out from the wreckage in the video โ€“ was released to his parents since he’s technically a minor.

As for the Mustang, we can’t identify a specific trim though that appears to be a GT350 spoiler on the back. We highly doubt this is a legit GT350, given the single exhaust pipe visible on the right side. The images shared by the California Highway Patrol show extensive damage to the passenger side, enough to prevent us from making a clear ID of the trim but if we had to guess (and we do), we’d say this is an EcoBoost model with some body mods.

And though Will Run shows up as the license plate, it’s actually a cover for the real plate underneath. Reports say this car has fled from the police a few times over the last month, though it’s safe to say this Mustang’s running days are well and truly over.

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