Drivers urged to stay safe when decorating their car for Halloween or face fines

The vehicle maintenance service Collect Service Go has warned motorists that they could face hefty fines and put other road users at risk by decorating their car for Halloween.

Whilst many people enjoy dressing up and decorating their house to celebrate the popular night, there is a growing TikTok trend of drivers adding haunting accessories to their vehicle.

However, Ollie Green from Collect Service Go explained that drivers should avoid putting any decorations on their car which could lead to them getting distracted.

He advised: “People often put a mask on their passenger seat as a fun Halloween decoration.

“However, avoid this, if possible, as this could result in an on-the-spot fine of £200 and three penalty points for distracted driving or for driving without due care and attention.”

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Collect Service Go also warned that drivers should not put any decorations in their car if they block their view of the road.

Decorations such as spider webs on the dashboard or stickers on the rear windscreen may help to make the vehicle look frightening but could have deadly consequences.

If the police spot a vehicle with an obstructed view, it’s driver could face a fine of up to £1,000 and three points on their licence.

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Ollie also noted that drivers should not put decorations on their vehicle’s mirrors, which could block their rear view.

He added: “Putting decorations that can obstruct your view are illegal and can cause distractions that may result in accidents.

“According to the DVLA, obstructions that are obscuring the driver’s view or potentially causing a distraction will be asked to be removed in the interests of the health and safety of the driver, the examiner, and the general public, and can result in fines of up to £1,000 and three points on your licence.”

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Finally, Collect Service Go highlighted that drivers who are tempted to take photographs of other people’s Halloween decorations should remember to pull over first.

The company reminded drivers that they can be fined £200 and receive a total of six points on their licence if they are spotted holding their phone whilst behind the wheel.

The warning is particularly important for drivers who passed their test under two years ago, who could receive a £1,000 fine and have their licence revoked.

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