Car SOS TV star shows drivers can save fuel by pressing one common button

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Petrol and diesel drivers can boost their fuel efficiency by pressing one simple button when they get behind the wheel, according to the host of CAR SOS Fuzz Townshend.

The TV star admitted changing a vehicle’s drive settings could make a massive difference to fuel use in combustion vehicles.

Townshend urged road users to ensure their car is placed in “economy” mode to burn the least amount of fuel.

Speaking to Landsail Tyres YouTube channel, Townshend explained: “Your car may feature different drive settings for different road conditions.

“Eco, power or winter. Use Eco for greater fuel efficiency.”

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The button can usually be found on the centre console just underneath the gear stick and the handbrake. On some vehicles, the settings can be activated by simply pressing “Drive mode”.

Motorists can then scroll through a series of options on the infotainment screen in front of them.

Meanwhile, other vehicles have an analogue dial where drivers must adjust the settings with their hands.

According to experts at Capital One, pushing the “Eco” button will change car settings immediately.

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Switching into Eco mode will automatically ensure the vehicle behaves in fuel-efficient ways to help motorists keep their valuable petrol or diesel inside their tanks.

They explained: “It starts by reducing throttle response. This means that when you press on the accelerator, the car won’t get up to speed as aggressively.

“A light foot on the gas yields better fuel economy. Eco mode automatically makes the car react as though you’re driving that way, even if you forget to take it easy on the gas pedal.”

Capital One also stresses the setting will change transmission mapping to ensure cars won’t change gears as aggressively.

Engine revs are also cut back while electrical systems are also altered to reduce the workload on an engine. But, specialists warn switching modes may disable certain luxuries like air conditioning.

American insurance firm Progressive adds that economy modes usually work best when at lower speeds.

They reveal the tool is a great way to save fuel when sitting in stop-start traffic or driving through cities where speed limits are a lot lower than elsewhere.

They commented “The ideal time to use eco mode is when you’re driving at a slower pace — typically under 45 miles per hour. It’s perfect for day-to-day use in settings where you’re likely to drive in a leisurely way.”

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