Anod Hybrid E-Bike Combines Supercapacitors And Lithium-Ion Batteries

Manufacturers are continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to the technology we find in electric bicycles. On the performance side of the spectrum, the use of carbon composites and other new materials has drastically reduced weight. Additionally, the development of high-performance motors not only brings more power to the table, but makes pedal assist more seamless than ever before.

While all that is cool and all, we canโ€™t ignore the utility side of the equation, too. A lot of new commuter and cargo bikes are making use of cutting-edge technology as well. Bikes like the compact Smalo PX2 are making use of AI to optimize performance. Another good example comes from a new French brand called Anod. Its first electrically assisted bicycle, aptly named the Hybrid, looks to shine a light on a new approach when it comes to powering micromobility devices.

Anod has made use of a unique electrical system for the Hybrid, utilizing a combination of lithium-ion battery tech and supercapacitors. According to the company, the setup enhances performance and provides rapid charging capabilities. Supercapacitors are known for being able to store energy and release it rapidly while also discharging at a rapid rate. In the case of the Hybrid, the supercapacitor can be charged under braking, and release energy for uphill sprints for quick acceleration.

Supercapacitors are popular in other applications as they are said to be more eco-friendly than lithium-ion batteries. This is largely due to the fact that they make use of much simpler materials such as aluminum and coal, making them highly recyclable. Furthermore, supercapacitors are said to last pretty long โ€“ around 15 years or so.

With all that being said, the supercapacitorโ€™s limitation lies in its quick discharge, and so Anod has also incorporated a compact lithium-ion battery pack to aid with startups and regular pedal assistance. Itโ€™s estimated that the lithium battery alone can provide a range of about five to ten kilometers (three to six miles). However, when working together with the capacitor, claimed range goes up to 30 to 70 kilometers (19 to 38 miles).

As for the motor, the Hybrid is powered by an MHR1 hub motor with 60 Newton-meters of torque. It also gets standard bike components making it easy to maintain. For example, it features Sram hydraulic brakes, Continental tires, and a belt-drive system for silent, low-maintenance operation. A variety of accessories also aids in urban convenience. A set of mudguards are pre-installed to keep your clothes clean, and a kickstand ensures convenient parking. Front and rear luggage racks can also be added as optional extras.

Anod has already opened pre-orders for the Hybrid on its official website. The pre-order price is listed as 3,499 euros, or about $3,700, with deliveries expected to begin in spring 2024.

Sources: Clean Rider, Anod

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