Auto upgrade of Malaysian B2 bike licence to class B –

A proposal for an automatic upgrade of the Malaysia B2 motorcycle licence will be forwarded to the Malaysian Ministry of Transport (MoT). This was said by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi during a motorcycle convoy event in Pekan, Pahang and reported by national news agency Bernama.

This stems from a proposal submitted by Superbikers Association Malaysia (SAM) president Datuk Abdul Halim Sulaiman for an automatic upgrade of the B2 motorcycle licence with its 250 cc limit to the full class B licence after three years. This is on condition the licence holder does not commit any serious traffic offences after obtaining the B2 licence.

Zahid said he did not see a problem in implementing the proposal as “it is an administrative issue only.” “I don’t think they need to go for another driving test because they are experienced riders and I also do not see the need to impose strict conditions,” said Zahid adding he would bring the proposal to the attention of Minister of Transport Anthony Loke.

The Malaysian motorcycle licence system was commented on by in a previous article. The current licence structure comprises of the B2 class for motorcycle below 250 cc and B for unlimited capacity with no condition or restriction for a rider to obtain a B licence from the start despite not having any riding experience.

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