Aston Martin .1R Bicycle Is A Hypercar On Two Wheels

Aston Martin and British bicycle manufacturer J.Laverack have joined forces to unveil what is being described as the most innovative bicycle in the world. The .1R combines the best of the worlds of automotive engineering and design and road bicycles, relying on modern production technologies, high-strength materials, and attention to the smallest details.

At the heart of this extraordinary creation lies an exquisitely crafted frame, a result of merging parametrically designed, 3D-printed titanium lugs and carbon fiber tubes. This fusion doesn’t just deliver an unparalleled combination of responsiveness and comfort, Aston Martin says, but it also redefines aesthetics and elegance. Indeed, the bike looks sleek and harmonious thanks mostly to the absence of fixing points or raw weldings. Also, not a single cable or hose mars the sleek appearance thanks to the unique integration of the brakes.ย 

Gallery: J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R

That innovative approach takes inspiration from beyond the realm of conventional two-wheelers, drawing from the designs of high-performance cars. It doesn’t just adopt design principles known in the bicycle industry but also benefits from Aston Martin’s know-how in the supercar and hypercar programs. This can be seen, for example, in the pierced stem, which mirrors the side strake of the Aston Martin DB12. Customers will have a choice between 12-speed groupsets from companies like Shimano, Campagnolo, and Sram Red.

One particularly interesting detail is the wheel design, which features a 55-millimeter deep carbon tubeless profile with an internal width of 22 mm. Each wheel has 28 spokes with a black finish that continues on the wheel sides. The hubs, in turn, have been designed specifically for this bicycle and produced from high-strength aerospace aluminum.ย 

Owners of the .1R will be invited to visit Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon, where they will experience a personalized fitting session with J.Laverack’s founders. Furthermore, an integration with the automakerโ€™s online configurator allows anyone to design their dream bicycle. This digital tool lets users personalize the color of the tubes, lugs, forks, stem, seat post, and handlebar drops, as well as choose to leave the carbon fiber exposed for its natural beauty. Various accents like the bottom bracket cups, brake calipers, and brake disc centers can be coated in bronze or remain understated in black.

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