Volvo EM90 Minivan Has a Screen That Folds Down From The Roof And Does Many Things

The EM90 might be Volvo’s first-ever minivan but it hasn’t been created for the sole purpose of being an efficient tool for the school run. With dual-chamber air suspension, road noise cancellation technology, and lounge-like seating, the EV is far more sophisticated than the typical grocery-getter. Luxury vans are becoming a thing in China, as demonstrated by the rising popularity of the Buick GL8 and the Lexus LM.

The six-seater with a posh cabin can also double as a mobile office courtesy of a large screen that folds down from the roof. The second-row occupants have the best seats in the house by relaxing on armchair-style seats featuring folding tray tables. Should you want to do business on the go, that 15.6-inch screen has support for video conferences as well as mobile screen projection.

2024 Volvo EM90

When you’re done with work, the screen can serve as an entertainment center, complemented by a high-end Bowers & Wilkins with no fewer than 21 speakers to create “your own private concert hall on the move.” It’s like an oversized smartphone in the sense it supports a variety of third-party apps and allows you to stream content, be it video or audio. On top of that, it can be used to choose between “Meeting” and “Rest” modes that have a subset of settings depending on what you want to do next.

Accessing the climate settings or viewing the navigation map can also be done through the screen mounted on the ceiling. If you don’t want to look up, adjusting the temperature can also be done by using the small displays embedded into the door cards where there are also touch controls for the windows and sun blinds. Both second-row occupants have seat adjustment controls hiding underneath the sliding armrests for quick access rather than having to navigate through submenus.

The Volvo EM90 is essentially a luxury limousine in van format, providing that ample legroom Chinese buyers desire. We won’t be too surprised if a posh four-seat version will follow considering its sister model, the Zeekr 009, is offered in a fancy two-row configuration.

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