BYD Han EV From China Struggles With Moose Test

The BYD Han is an electric sedan from China that’s now available in Europe. It’s time to see how the four-door EV handles getting through the cones in the moose test.

The Han is a fairly large sedan with a length of 196.65 inches (4,995 millimeters). For comparison, a Mercedes-Benz EQE is 196.9 inches. The EV has an electric motor powering each axle for a total of 510 horsepower (380 kilowatts). The 85.4-kilowatt-hour battery provides a WLTP range of 324 miles (521 kilometers). Prices start at the equivalent of $75,618 (70,805 euros).

Gallery: BYD Han first puts the Han through the slalom, and the car proves challenging to drive. The accelerator is so responsive that the pilot struggles to keep the vehicle on a consistent path through the cones.

The driver manages to get the Han through the slalom in 23.9 seconds. That’s the same time as a BMW X1 xDrive30. For comparison, a Porsche Taycan GTS can speed through the cones in 21.5 seconds.

Next, it’s time for the moose test. BYD sets up the Han for driving comfort rather than sharp handling. The sedan suffers from understeer in this evaluation. With an entrance speed of 47.85 miles per hour (77 kilometers per hour), the car is unable to transition to the third set of cones and blasts through the second stage.

The testers have to reduce the entrance speed to 43.5 mph (70 kph) to make a successful run. There’s nearly a passing performance at 45.98 mph (74 kph), but the Han barely touches a cone. An attempt at 46.6 mph (75 kph) is another failure.

BYD also offers two electric SUVs in Europe. The Atto 3 is the smaller offering starting at the equivalent of $47,642 (44,625 euros) in Germany. The Tang is the larger, seven-seat model for $76,228 (71,400 euros). The brand also plans to introduce the Dolphin hatchback And Seal sedan models to that market in 2023.

BYD builds buses in the US and is reportedly investigating whether to enter the passenger vehicle market in the country.

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