XUV300 made a loud bang at 3-digit speed & decelerated, had to call RSA

It happened while I was on a road trip with my wife. I was quite surprised as I got the 60,000 km service of the car done just 6 days ago.

BHPian Duckdoc recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have a Mahindra XUV300 W8 O, bought in March ’21. My wife and I had planned and did a 4000 km round trip to Central India starting the first Sunday of this month.

The first leg was 1030 km to Maharashtra.

We were making good time when 30 km past Cuddapah while travelling at low triple figures, I heard a loud bang, the vehicle decelerated, and the check engine light came on. I was surprised as I had done the 60,000 km servicing just six days earlier.

I stopped the vehicle on the side of the road and called RSA. They were extremely courteous and arranged a tow truck, which took an hour and a half to arrive.

I drove the car up the ramp and to the flatbed, and both of us sat in the car, enjoying a commanding view of the surroundings on the way to the ASC at Cuddapah. We thought we might enjoy the situation as there was nothing else to do.

As it was a Sunday, they initially said they could look at it only on Monday, but with some persuasion, they took a look at it then. The intercooler to the turbo hose had blown.

After replacing it and clearing the error code, we managed to reach our destination that day and complete our trip.

The story doesn’t end here. Two days after reaching home and 4,000 km later, on the way to work, the check engine light came on. There was a whistling sound when the revs went up. I drove slowly to my regular ASC. The clip fastening the intercooler hose had come loose. After securing it again and clearing the error code, it has been fine so far.

The intercooler hose had been replaced in Oct ’21 as there was a recall. I am unsure if the intercooler hose has an intrinsic problem. I have decided to travel with some scotch tape for an emergency fix, as everything else is fine with the vehicle.

Here’s what BHPian sagarpadaki had to say about the matter:

The second time, the loose clip can be due to improper fastening when the hose was replaced. So I would not say that the intercooler hose failed twice.

PS – My bad. Did not read that hose was replaced in 2021.

Is there a chance that the hose is rubbing against something that is causing it to chaff and fail? Can you check the engine bay around the area where the hose failed to see if there are any touch points for the hose?

Here’s what BHPian PaddleShifter had to say about the matter:

Issues like these cause loss of power and the car fails to accelerate. The car also shows signs of starting issues (longer crank etc.). Have experienced this twice in our family cars having turbo diesels. Did you experience any abnormality such as loss of power or sluggish performance when this happened?

Every owner having a turbo engine car needs to be able to identify the signs of a leak due to a broken hose or a loose connection/clamp as it is very stressful when this happens and the car stalls in the middle of nowhere.

If a car shows loss of power and stalls with a check engine light, the first thing to do is to check the hoses from the intercooler to the turbo, near the intercooler and then the turbo. If it is identified, a jugaad solution can be done to make the car drivable to the ASC using M-seal etc (have read people doing this on the road).

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