Why I cancelled Nexon EV & MG ZS EV & bought the MG Comet instead

So the actual cost for Comet for me is 6.2L for Pace (bloody steal of a price) and 8.3L~ for Plush.

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Had booked a Tata Nexon LR+ top spec but cancelled it, as the more I sat in and tried the demo car, the more I started to dislike it and feel it was all gimmicks & no quality. Not to mention the headspace is nuts and to enter and exit, you need to duck a little bit. And I am 5.6 ft

Later had moved to book a ZS EV (wanted to last year as well, but due to wait times got a 2022 Octavia instead), but after re-evaluating my decision, decided against it as next year a new generation of EVs are expected to arrive and my dream EV is still the Ioniq 5, which is out of budget right now.

Was checking out the Comet when I had gone to book the ZS EV, and out of nowhere, the Sales Manager offered me to keep the Comet for 2 days and try it, at first thought I misheard him for a test drive at home after 2 days. Was surprised by the offer and gladly accepted it.

The car was dropped at my home and I was told to keep it for 2-3 days, no strings attached, no terms or conditions on km driven, etc.

First day itself, hopped my friends in and took it for a drive from East->Center->Old Delhi, hell even took it to Sadar Bazar, and after seeing the crowd, took a U-turn in a single spin and on a narrow road, my Octavia would have either gotten stuck or needed 3-4 times back and forth.

To keep it short, really liked the car, we even tried max loading the car with 5 people, and the back was comfortable okay-ish for a 30 km drive and a 30 km drive back again (although 2 of them were slim).

The back has enough space for 2 persons easily, even did some luggage loading as my friend took the car to his office and picked up his sister from the railway station. In both scenarios, the car did not let me feel any impact on its performance or its taking a load-hit.

The real-world range I would say is 160-180km~ depending on driving style (I was pushing the car around 80-100kmph and between sports mode on Merut expressway). Drove it 200-250 km in 2 days.

Eventually, decided to ditch the Zs EV and book the Comet Plush. There is a nice offer going on where MG is offering all 3 specs on-road, below their ex-showroom price. So the Pace is costing 7.2L and Plush is costing 9.3L on-road.

There is 0 road tax in the U.P. now and an additional 1L subsidy.

So the actual cost for Comet for me is 6.2L for Pace (bloody steal of a price) and 8.3L~ for Plush. That’s almost saving 2L over normal on-road price, and perhaps 3-3.5L saving for states charging road tax.

I plan to use Comet as an everyday car and my Octavia for long trips, my wife & I like to go for a Delhi/coffee drive at night or early morning south Indian breakfasts, which costs us 10-15k in petrol for the Octavia (it’s the mileage is around 10-11 KM/L)

The way I am thinking about it is, if next year another EV comes that I like, or if I save enough for Ioniq 5, I can probably sell the Comet for a break-even price, if not profit next year, while enjoying all the petrol savings for a year and get depreciation and interest paid as an expense for my company (yes, I am purchasing it in my company’s name).

Update 1: I was interested in getting the Gaming Pack but 65k oof, then saw you can get individual stuff so thinking of getting the seat covers, wheel caps for now and maybe some interior touch-ups (although the interior and seats seem to cost the most).

Other than that, sun shades and rain visor, not sure about anything else, maybe the dashboard organizer.

I want to get the integrated rooftop carrier once it launches

Update 2: It is (or was) an ongoing discount offer at all MG dealerships at least in Delhi NCR, in addition to the already festive pricing (what shows on the MG website), they were offering a 50k-1L extra discount.

ZS EV Excite had 50k extra, and Exclusive had 1L extra. I got almost 1.5L on MG Comet Plush

Cost me 9.3L on-road, including everything. Which is even below the ex-showroom price of the Comet Plush, will also get a 1L subsidy so the final price for me will be 8.3L which is just the icing on the cake (for comparison, Comet Pace was 7.2L on-road and after the subsidy would have been 6.2L)

Compared to other states, I feel I have saved almost close to, if not more, 3L at least on the Comet, 1L discount, 1L subsidy and 1L in RTO~

Just contact your nearby MG Dealership and ask about it, they did say the offer was till Diwali only but you never know, maybe still available.

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