Watch BMW 3 Series Get Pit-Maneuvered, Slam Into Wall At 128 MPH

Dramatic dashcam video captured when an Arkansas State Police trooper pit maneuvered a fleeing BMW into a highway wall at 128 miles per hour. The chase happened late last month on Interstate 40, which cuts across the state, connecting Memphis, Tennessee, and the state’s capital.

The video has an overlay that displays the date and time, and it says the incident happened just before midnight on Monday, August 28, in the West Memphis, Arkansas, area. That’s when a black BMW 3 Series E46 convertible with a headlight out caught the attention of ASP Trooper Spencer Morris, if the overlay info is correct.

Morris pulled over the BMW on the I-40 entrance ramp, but the driver sped off as he approached the vehicle on the passenger side. Morris chased the BMW down I-40, and both cars flew past other motorists at over 120 mph, narrowly missing other vehicles. Morris waited until the road ahead was clear before pit maneuvering the BMW, positioning his police cruiser along the rear passenger fender.ย 

The convertible’s passenger side slammed into the cruiser’s front end before the car spun across the highway and hit the wall, ending the pursuit. The camera angle doesn’t show the damage to the vehicle, but the driver escaped uninjured, and authorities took him into custody without incident. The authorities transported him to the Crittenden County Detention Center.

According to the alleged trooper’s report in the video description, police charged the BMW driver, Damon Jones, with a defective headlight, reckless driving, speeding, felony fleeing, failure to register a vehicle, no insurance, and driving on a suspended license. contacted the Arkansas State Police Public Information Office seeking more details about the incident.

Dashcam video has shown time and time again that it is never smart to flee from police. Law enforcement agencies have more technology and tricks than ever to catch alleged criminals, and video gives us a peek into what happens.

The chase could have ended terribly, with the BMW crashing into an innocent motorist or careening off the highway. Arkansas State Police also recently had to chase down a fleeing Toyota Prius in a pursuit that reached speeds of over 100 mph.

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