Want to gift my wife a White Compass, but she wants a red one: Now what

Think all the angles and then press the keys. I am talking about the car here not the rose.

BHPian fawad0222 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I own an almost new Night Eagle, Black & White, Jeep Compass which I wish to gift to my wife. Now don’t expect the reason behind, mentioned here. Isn’t it sufficient that I am married. The only hitch in this plan is that my wife is not very keen on white colour as incidentally all of her cars till now were white only. So what is the solution to get out of this conundrum. Dim wit me have hit upon an idea and i want to take inputs form all you, bright, experienced and married ones. Can I wrap the car Red. Does it make any sense. Think all the angles and then press the keys. I am talking about the car here not the rose.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

  • Wrap it. There are many fantastic vinyl wrap providers in Mumbai & Pune.
  • If the lady wants red, it has to be red. Frankly, I agree with her. The Jeep Compass looks H-O-T in red.
  • Never change the colour via a repaint in the aftermarket. The entire car is stripped and you lose that “factory build quality”.
  • Check out some matte red options in the wraps too. They look amazing. Matte red + black rims + black roof will keep not just the wife happy, but you too

Here’s what BHPian thanixravindran had to say on the matter:

It is blasphemous to have thought about a gift not knowing her tasteย  and you are making it even scandalous by thinking an after market wrap job.

Drop all of these thoughts right away and get her probably a Red Jeep Wrangler or Grand Cherokee (Is it even made still?) and atone your sins and thought crimes

Here’s what BHPian iamahunter had to say on the matter:

The only practical option is to wrap it.

You are married brother, why take such risks of surprising and then being surprised yourself!

Next time tell your wife the surprise (indirectly), understand the hints from her reaction, take notes, wait a couple of days, keep taking notes and then go ahead with the purchase on what is observed for the past couple of days.

PS, I hope that you haven’t just rushed to wrap the car red yet. WAIT, take hints bro.

Here’s what BHPian Rajeevraj had to say on the matter:

Just curious, so when you purchased the car (even if it was for yourself) was there no discussion on the color? Even if it was for yourself, I assume there would have been a discussion and your wife would have made her displeasure for the white apparent.

I am not sure about the wrapping. Full wrap technically changes the color of the car and the RC will reflect the original color. So while it is probably fine in 95% of cases, there is always a small chance that if stopped for a police check, the discrepancy can be noticed and questioned which your wife will probably not like to happen.

Do you plan to get another car for yourself after gifting this? If so, maybe keep this and make the new one the gift.

Here’s what BHPian AtheK had to say on the matter:

I had my car wrapped in red and it still is holding up great after 4 years. Go for wrap from a reputed detailer, it should do the trick.

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