Upgrading from an X1: BMW M340i vs X3 M40i vs X5 40i

The X3 M40i seems best, size wise and upgrade to that great inline 6 with practicality of SUV style

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I have just sold my BMW X1 X drive 20d M Sport. Am hunting for another BMW as I love the brand and trust its quality and maintenance. I am debating between the M340i, X3 M40i or stretch myself to get the X5 40i. I want a fast petrol to complement my garage.

The X3 M40i seems best, size wise and upgrade to that great inline 6 with practicality of SUV style. But it’s pricey and X5 40i is 10 lac more. X3 M40i does not have the mild hybrid system which the other 2 have and hence milage is lower.

X5 40i Xline is 10 lac odd more but bigger, more space and has a larger boot. I drove it and liked it but is a tad big for a daily self driven car.

M340i seems value for money and I so want that B58 engine which is there in other 2 options too. It’s almost 20 lac cheaper than X3 M40i. Will I miss an SUV if I get this? I have a 530d already. And a Nexon EV max.

What would you choose? And what would your recommendation be?

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

The new X5 looks deadly & feels deadly. Go for it. 10 – 12 lakhs is nothing in the larger scheme of things, when you are in the 1-crore segment already. It is vastly superior in terms of space, premium part quality, cabin feel etc. Get a car from the higher segment, it will keep you happier.

Here’s what BHPian androdev had to say on the matter:

Tough call man. X5 and M340i interiors are one generation ahead of X3 (large curved display). I don’t think one is better over the other but always pinches to pay top dollar for something that’s not the latest.

Mild hybrid tech is a needless liability for that marginal fuel economy gain – I don’t think it will be a big miss if you don’t have it.

The rest depends on your preference for the shape (sedan vs suv) and size (x3 vs x5)

I would probably say go for X5 – has more premium vibe and should be more comfortable. X3 M40i is too much money I feel given the prices of M340i and X5. Since you have 530D, not sure m340i would be a good option. X5 is a sensible option. X3 is not exactly a compact crossover like the X1 you are replacing. If you can lug around an X3, you can manage an X5 as well. The size won’t overwhelm you beyond the first month or so.

X5 will be less agile obviously compared to smaller X3 but you might appreciate the overall package of X5. In general, a higher segment car proves itself to be a better a buy in the long run as you spend more time with it.

Here’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

The sedan vs SUV is a personal choice. IMO – money no bar – X5 40i for sure.

Following that, I’d pick the X3 SUV body style over the M340i for its GC practicality and comfort of adaptive suspension – combines that explosive power with usability and peace of mind.

Please do check on discounts for the X3, if any before deciding. Perhaps if the X3 is sporting discounts, you might feel differently about the price to value proposition. I think I had heard there may be some deals going but I’m really not sure.

Here’s what BHPian Turbanator had to say on the matter:

What are your exact needs, Just fast is not enough differentiator when you already have a 530-D as the others like the M340 will barely different in the real world. Yes, on paper the difference is too much and also in an ideal world but in a city or highways, I don’t think you will feel very different. But, this is something I will decide after some extended drives, if possible back to back on your 530-D.

If you can extend your budget for an X5, it will be a meaningful upgrade. Though not as quick as the M340 or X3 M40, but it’s fast and you can have multiple other practical benefits of an X5. I saw the X3-M40 a day before and was not impressed. Between an M340 and an x3 M40, I will pick an M340.

Here’s what BHPian Akshay1234 had to say on the matter:

Since you have a 530d already, rule out another sedan which is the M340i. You will miss having a somewhat SUV like feel you got from the X1.

The X3M40i is 87l ex showroom, while the X5 40i M sport is 1.06 ex showroom. That’s about 19l difference. Add to that you may get some discount on the X3 as it doesn’t seem to be exactly moving off the shelves, and it would be my pick. That is if you are looking for a more sporty drive with better handling.

If budget isn’t a concern, then the X5 makes a better case in terms of comfort and being an all rounder overall. But if its more for the drive experience, Id say save the money.

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