Upgraded from an i10 to Elevate CVT: My experience via 12 key points

So far, I haven’t felt any inconvenience using the ADAS features in Bengaluru traffic.

BHPian nreddy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My experience of shifting from a 2009 Hyundai i10 1.2 Sportz to a Honda Elevate ZX CVT

The first reason for looking for a new car was to get free from the clutch hold/release hassle in the city traffic.

Upgrade points

Overall, I can say that I am happy with this purchase till now.

Here’s what BHPian Chrome6Boy had to say about the matter:

Great unbiased review, and also a good perspective for people looking to go up a couple of segments! My comment below is about your comparison of the acceleration between the i10 1.2 manual and the Elevate 1.5 CVT.

I think people should clearly understand that despite a decent engine, the CVT will hamper the initial acceleration. While this won’t make any difference in the city, it will drastically reduce the “fun” factor on the highways.

I think most people buy an automatic because it changes the gears for you. But to have to fiddle around with the gearbox when we need to overtake on the highway is less than ideal, and for inexperienced highway drivers even dangerous.

Most of us spend most of our time in the city so this is not really a deal breaker and I understand some people like to change gears manually on the highway and use the smooth CVT in the city.

If you can make do with a manual transmission, this car is a good proposition. The manual will be a good upgrade over the i10’s performance too.

Here’s what BHPian CentreOfGravity had to say about the matter:

Congratulations on the new steed!

The Honda City doesn’t close the windows and sunroof automatically, they close only when you press and hold the lock / unlock button on the key.

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