Triumph Speed 400: Here’s how I rate my purchase & ride experience

The black bike looked stunning, I couldn’t help but smile while riding it after delivery.

BHPian sankarx2 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I booked the S400 on the day the price was revealed. It was among the first 10,000. I visited Triumph Andheri and paid the full amount on August 2 after a short test ride.

The folks at the Andheri showroom were welcoming when I visited. However, communication via email, SMS or WhatsApp was not proactive. If Triumph pays attention to this and works out a good system for customer service through WhatsApp a lot of customers will be happy.

I wanted to book a black bike. But somehow ended up with a booking confirmation for a red bike. Andheri guys changed the booking for a black bike. this delayed the delivery, apparently, there were fewer black bikes in the first lot and no cancellations, which is understandable.

They asked me if they could transfer the booking to the new showroom at Thane. I said yes. My booking from then on was handled by an employee of Thane showroom, who was new. And I felt he was stuck in the wrong place. No excitement about bikes. No thrill about sales. But I care only a little as I won’t have to deal with the salesperson afterwards.

He could not give me the warranty booklet, and owner’s manual, saying these would be given later. He wasn’t aware of the 3-year extended warranty which he said he would check and come back.

The showroom only had S400s. So I had no reason to spend more time. But it would be nice if there were other models.

The black bike looked stunning. I matched the chassis no with RC checked the engine sound for anything unusual and left the showroom with the bike.

On the way back I could not help but smile. Partly because of how nice the bike felt. And partly because of how people were nitpicking while giving “feedback” or “reviews”.

Like there is so much virtual ink wasted on the horn. I don’t know what kind of steroid-pumped horn people want. But this horn for me is just right. And the “exhaust note”. In the current era of responsible and sustainable riding, this note is the sweetest possible note in a single-cylinder 400. Physics and regulation will decide the note. Physics will also decide the heat dissipation. People who found the bike heating up and the fan running may have to consider a Hero Splendour. The heat didn’t trouble me at all. And fan coming up is a good thing unless the fan life is short. My KTM 390 needed a replacement of the fan in the first year itself.

The best thing about the bike is I could ride it in 4th gear on LBS road traffic with hardly a need to shift.

The next best thing is it isn’t lazy and picks up speed up to 80 km/h pretty easily. I hardly ever ride above 80 and strictly follow speed limits except while overtaking.

I will regret only one thing. Living with the Speedo console. This looks cheap and ugly both. If there is any way I can upgrade this to a Trident or Speed Twin one, I will.

I felt the brake lever needed a longer pull to start biting. Also, I could do with a bigger brake in front.

Here is how I would rate the bike:

What’s essential and not up to one taste:

  • Engine refinement (for a single) – 9/10
  • Fit and finish – 10/10
  • Suspension – 10/10
  • Brake – 7/10
  • Clutch assist – 8/10
  • Electronic aids – 8/10
  • Handling – 10/10
  • Features and Speedo console – 5/10
  • Fuel economy – 9/10

What’s up to individual taste:

  • Look and design – 10/10
  • Accessories and options – 5/10
  • Exhaust note (for a single) – 9/10
  • Delivery experience – 0/10
  • Seat comfort – 8/10

This bike will attract a lot of commuters. And occasionally people who love motorcycles and go on long rides. Thankfully, this will not impress the chhapris. If this ends up enticing the chhapris and becomes a machine to show off cheap stunts Triumph brand will lose its sheen.

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