Toyota engineers from Japan check out my 12 year old Etios for a survey

I was asked, if I was interested to bring my car for three hours, and they will take a small interview.

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Odo reads 114,500 km and some interesting updates:

In the 2nd week of October, I got a call from Topsel Toyota Kolkata, that engineers from Japan came to India to do a rust survey on their old cars.

I was asked, if I was interested to bring my car for three hours, and they will take a small interview to understand how the car was used and maintained.

I agreed, and visited Topsel Toyota on time. They promptly took my car and started the survey after doing a thorough wash.

They took it up on the hydraulic lift and checked whether there was any rust or not, how the metal thickness is after 12 years and they had few more parameters for their internal data which I am not aware of.

I was asked questions like:

  • In which condition I use the car?
  • How I clean the car in regular basis?
  • How the car is holding up after 12 years?
  • How frequently I visit seasides?
  • Do I drive through water logged roads?
  • How would I like the future Toyota cars to be, and many more…It was nearly a 40 mins session.

I am really impressed on how they still care about their discontinued cars and still make a survey to make things better. There is a reason why people still trust Toyota among the competition.

After the survey, Topsel Toyota did give me some freebies for giving my time and effort to bring the car.

Regarding the car, it is running without any trouble.
Before the Durga Puja, I gave the Etios for an underbelly coating, and a thorough exterior polish with cleaning the interiors and the engine bay at Topsel Toyota. Total damage to Pocket- Rs 9,000.

Pics after the polish and cleaning:

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