Took delivery of my Nexon facelift: Impressions after 100 km city drive

Venue, XUV300 and even the Elevate were some of the cars I considered before the Nexon.

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Finally got my Nexon facelift delivery. Writing this initial review after driving about 100 km in the city. I have been into manuals for the last 10 years and was super happy with the i20 diesel it was fun to drive on highways


Why Nexon?

I was not sure about considering Tata because of the horror reviews read on the Team-BHP. But there was a proud feeling of Indian Brand and with tested build quality, I really wanted to check out the Nexon. I made an enquiry on the Key Motors website and surprisingly SA called and got the old Nexon to my place for the TD.

I really loved the comfort and drivability of the car but the big letdown was the AMT gearbox. It was super Jerky and I really spoiled the fun of the car. Then I read about the DCA and waited for the facelift launch.

Other cars considered and cancelled post-TD:

Sales and Showroom experience:

I did not face any such issues that other BHPians faced or highlighted. It was not like Hyundai but it was not bad either, It’s not the best but for sure I had a good satisfying experience with Key Motors Mysore Road Branch, If anyone is looking to purchase a vehicle from this Branch please get in touch with Sagar Gowda my SA and he was very good at his work and was very prompt. I am very much satisfied with Tata’s sales experience with this Nexon.

Worry and confusion:

Delivery Day:

2 Silly Issues.

Maybe I am new to tech, touch, and connected infotainment in Cars. If anyone knows the solution to the below issues please let me know:

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