Test rode a Triumph Scrambler 400X; Observations of a 5ft-8in tall guy

The Scrambler was a pleasure to ride and can be a very good bike, particularly for shorter rides

BHPian MandarMax recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Today I managed to snag a test ride of the Triumph Scrambler 400 X at B U Bhandari, a day ahead of the official test rides. The bike looks well-proportioned and is more substantial compared to the Speed 400.

Being 5’8″, I found the height comfortable. Although I couldn’t flat foot, the height didn’t pose any issues. The riding position felt ideal, allowing a good command over the bike without compromising comfort.

I took it along Pashan Road and a bit on the highway. The suspension felt very comfortable with its ability to handle the poorly built Pune roads and speed-breakers (or pedestrian crossings or whatever ill-thought-out thing they are ) at varying speeds. I felt at ease within the first few hundred meters itself, which speaks volumes about the bike’s handling and comfort.

The engine’s torque is good for its size. It’s not explosive but very tractable in various situations, making it easy to manage. The bike cruises comfortably at speeds of 80-100 km/h, but pushing beyond that felt a bit strained. However, within this range, riding was enjoyable and left me smiling.

I think it’s great for beginners but also has enough to satisfy seasoned riders looking for a second bike. The engine didn’t emit much heat, which could be due to the cooler temperatures, or perhaps it was abused less before I started my ride.

The test bike was Khaki green. Other bikes were under wraps, awaiting formal launch, but I managed a sneak peek at all colours. I liked the red variant more. With deliveries expected from mid to late November, the wait isn’t too far off.

The test bike had a broken front brake lever and the handlebar was slightly off with loose mirrors. The hand guards were missing, and I’m unsure if they were removed due to damage by earlier riders (I heard that two riders had fallen earlier today ). These issues raise concerns regarding the durability and how minor mishaps could affect the bikes in the long run.

Overall, the Scrambler was a pleasure to ride and can be a very good bike, particularly for shorter rides (~300 km or so) and even for daily commuting. I’m also wondering whether to wait for the upcoming RE Scrambler before deciding. That being said, I have no real issues about the Scrambler, the engine and ride felt very well refined, overall, it was an enjoyable experience and now I am inching closer to a purchasing decision.

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