Tata Nexon EV: A tale of frustrating service experiences

While the car itself has proved its mettle on the road, the service woes have underscored the importance of a robust EV service ecosystem.

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The transition to electric vehicles promises a cleaner, greener future for transportation. As more automakers introduce EV models into the market, the spotlight has turned to not only the performance and features of these vehicles but also the overall ownership experience, including service quality. One such story is mine, as an owner of the Tata Nexon EV Prime, a vehicle that has shown immense potential but has been marred by service challenges.

A Joyful Start

My journey with the Tata Nexon EV Prime began with anticipation and excitement. Although not a fan of the design, the quick acceleration, running cost compared to my other ICE vehicles and promise of eco-friendly driving made it an easy choice. The driving experience itself was nothing short of delightful. I even embarked on a remarkable 1600-kilometer round trip, proving the Nexon EV’s capabilities as a long-distance travel companion.

The Dark Cloud of Service Issues

However, the sheen of joy gradually wore off as I encountered a recurring issue with the vehicle’s charger. The dreaded “red light” error, a well-known glitch among Nexon EV owners, became a constant companion. This glitch rendered the charging process ineffective, leading to frustrating experiences and a sense of dissatisfaction that weighed down my overall ownership journey. I got the charger replaced just 2,3 months after the vehicle delivery due to this issue hoping that it was just an issue with that specific piece. Then again after using the new charger for another 2,3 months, the error popped up again.

A Tale of Disappointment

My numerous interactions with the authorized service center for Tata Motors, exposed the deep-rooted issues in the EV service ecosystem. I faced a range of challenges that tested my patience and faith in the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

I reached out to the General Manager of the dealer, detailing my frustrations and disappointments in a series of emails. From failed attempts to capture the error log during charging to unplugging the charger prematurely during service center visits, the saga seemed never-ending. The unprofessional behavior and lack of empathy I encountered added to the mounting frustration.

A Call for Improvement

While my experience with the Tata Nexon EV Prime on the road was nothing short of excellent, the service-related ordeals I faced highlight the importance of a robust service infrastructure for EVs. The potential of EVs to revolutionize the automotive landscape can only be realized if customers are met with reliable, efficient, and customer-centric service experiences.

Recommendations for the Future

Tata Motors, and indeed all automakers venturing into the EV market, should consider the following steps to ensure a smoother ownership experience:

Dedicated EV Service Centers: Separate service centers for EVs can focus exclusively on the unique challenges and requirements of electric vehicles. This would ensure that skilled and trained technicians are available to address EV-specific issues promptly.

Enhanced Training: Technicians must undergo specialized training in EV systems, diagnostics, and repairs. The complexities of electric drivetrains and charging systems demand a higher level of expertise.

Collaboration with Manufacturers: Automakers should collaborate closely with their service centers to streamline issue diagnosis and resolution. Rapid communication and troubleshooting protocols can significantly reduce vehicle downtime.

Transparent Communication: Clear and transparent communication between customers and service centers is paramount. Regular updates, effective error tracking, and explanations of the resolution process can build trust and alleviate customer frustration.


My journey with the Tata Nexon EV Prime has been a rollercoaster ride of joyous driving experiences and frustrating service challenges. While the car itself has proved its mettle on the road, the service woes have underscored the importance of a robust EV service ecosystem. As the automotive industry continues its electrification journey, it’s imperative that automakers take proactive steps to enhance the service quality for EVs. With dedicated service centers, skilled technicians, and transparent communication, the road to a seamless EV ownership experience can be paved for enthusiasts like myself.

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