Take two for Novitec Cullinan, now with 707hp

Spofec Overdose S gets widebody, 24s and DBX-matching power

By Matt Bird / Monday, 6 November 2023 / Loading comments

If it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, then nobody told Novitec. Its luxury offshoot Spofec already had a go at the Rolls-Royce Cullinan back in 2020, creating the 685hp ‘Overdose’ upgrade. It met with a predictable response from PHers, but also – it would have to be assumed – a favourable one from buyers. Because there’s now an Overdose S…

The reworked Cullinan follows a similarly specified Ghost Black Badge seen last year; that car’s mighty V12 had been massaged to 707hp, so that’s the number for the SUV – matching the DBX 707, the car Aston described as ‘the world’s most powerful luxury SUV’ at launch.

The Overdose S upgrade yields the same result (including 782lb ft) for either the 571hp standard variant or 600hp Black Badge, and takes nothing more than ECU interrogation and a sports exhaust that can be had ‘without electronic sound management’, presumably to maintain some decorum for the V12. There was always going to be plenty of headroom in an engine with 6,749cc of swept capacity, a dozen cylinders and a brace of turbos, so it’s good (probably) to see it being taken advantage of. Wonder what the next stage is. 

It’s likely the cosmetic work for the Overdose S, however, that will attract the most attention. Novitec doesn’t specify exactly how much broader the skirts, arches and bumpers make the Cullinan but, well, they don’t tend to do things by halves. Or the half-inch. The Canyonero jokes for a Cullinan may no longer be original, but 12 yards long and two lanes wide must be getting worryingly close to the truth here. Novitec says the additional girth gives the Cullinan ‘even more extravagant looks from any angle.’

Complementing the beefy new bodykit are fresh wheel options designed with Vossen, including the disc-style SP3 that’s available in sizes up to 24-inch diameter. It might be argued they’re the smartest bit of the new raft of parts. Certainly, the Overdose S doesn’t want for attitude when lowered onto those wheels (with spacers to fit) and widebody bursting at the seams. Which must be precisely the point – the rear spoiler lip is just the cherry on top. 

All the Spofec-branded extras for the Cullinan are on sale now. There aren’t prices listed on the website, but who needs to worry about money when modifying the Rolls-Royce SUV? The more important decision is to get the donor car just right. This Cullinan might be the only red one in the world (thus guaranteeing some impact), this one already has a bodykit and 24s (so only wants for 707hp), and this one is the colour of Dairy Milk inside and out. It definitely could do with being a little more overt…

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