Sold my Volvo XC60 with a heavy heart after 10 years & 100000 kms

By a turn of events we booked a Volvo C40 EV which gets delivered later this month.

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The brown mare crossed 100,000 kms earlier in September. I even got a full serving done – the 10th to be precise. Then by a turn of events we booked a Volvo C40 EV which gets delivered later this month. My hope and aim was to transfer the XC60 to Raipur to an NGO I am associated with. Raipur has a Volvo dealer and I would be quite happy paying for the maintenance for my beloved car. But the transfer fees itself is in the order of Rs 7 lakhs and the risk that if the transfer isn’t done the Delhi-NCR rules will terminate the registration of the car in 12 months or so. All rather messy.

So, with a heavy heart and a lump in my throat I have agreed to sell the XC60 today to my regular secondhand car dealer. His advantage is that he gets the transfer paperwork executed within a week. This will be my fourth car being sold via him.

My thanks to every member who contributed to this thread with posts. Thank you for sharing your views, questions, knowledge and appreciation.

Alas! My car has fallen victim to Delhi-NCRs (in my opinion) misplaced 10-year rule on diesels. Some may understand this trait of mine, and some may think I’m nuts but I talk to my cars, pat them, stroke them etc. For me a car is a pet in the house to be loved and cared for.

Some old photos of the Brown Mare one last time. Farwell dear friend. May you ride the roads with glory. May you serve the new owners with the same reliability you served me:

Here’s what BHPian Hayek had to say on the matter:

Fully empathise with you and wish that Team BHP had a emoticon instead of just a Thanks button.

But I think you made the right decision – from an economic point of view, the NGO you back would be better off with your getting them an easier to maintain car and using the balance funds for other activities. The only good news is that you have used the car extensively – your mare has done 100,000 Km in 9 years – my own car just crossed 55000 in nearly 7. I do hope you received a decent price for the Mare – there will be plenty of folks in smaller towns perhaps in South India who would love to own this car.

Thanks once again for an outstanding thread and look forward to your thread on the C40 turning up soon.

Here’s what BHPian DicKy had to say on the matter:

To think that this is what a smoking, badly maintained old car is according to our milords in NGT.

That said, with this mint condition, your cost no bar approach to pampering/maintenance and your driving style, the secondhand dealer just got himself a good deal, while there is a lucky 2nd owner waiting for your XC60.

Congrats on the C40 and can’t wait to see an ownership report. Pretty sure it will also get a pet name like Mare and Bagheera.

Here’s what BHPian Dippy had t o say on the matter:

Dear Narayan Sir,

It breaks my heart to see the XC60 go. I have followed your thread from day 1 and I have quite loved this gen of the XC60 even though the new one is leagues ahead in terms of tech and other things. I think Im just old school.

Your gen of the XC60 was a robust machine and a tough nut.

Wish you many happy miles with your new C40 Recharge and looking forward to your ownership review soon.

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