Small yet fun and happy Sunday meet and drive with four German cars

It was mega fun to watch the Polo 1.0L TSI move. The BMW 530d was built to do this and it was perhaps the least exerted on the highway run.

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Max Verstappen was going about his business in style and Kalle Rovanpera had already claimed this year’s WRC crown. What remained was for us to make our Sunday a wee bit special.

The city and nearby areas had got a fair bit of rain in the past few days and everything was looking pretty. Woke up to good weather and tried sneaking out of the apartment without disturbing anyone. Promptly dropped the water bottle, which bounced in numerous ways not only waking up folks at home but also the neighbour’s dog. Cursing the water bottle, made my way into the car and saw the fuel needle resting on its side making no effort to wake up. Realized I needed gas and that would make me further delayed.

Drove into a neighbouring pump and filled regular petrol, rolled the windows down, made small sounds of happiness and drove to the meet point about 20kms away. The day looked lovely with the sun slowly popping out and the early morning folks were up and about, enjoying their day. Tried to fiddle around with the phone while driving and saw a board clearly stating “No mobile phones while driving”, refrained from doing anything foolish and concentrated on getting to the location safely.

Low and Fast

One interesting thing about our bunch of driving buddies is that everyone is extremely punctual. Nothing gets more irritating than to see a friend turn up sipping orange juice with a smile while others are melting in the sun. Everyone wanted to quickly get on with the drive and we started moving quickly.

There was a 1.0L Polo AT, a 530d, a 340i and a 330i. We kept a nice rhythm and picked up pace as we left the city behind. After an hour’s drive, got to our breakfast point where a BMW Z4 was gathering eyeballs along with a bunch of big bikes. Felt that our day had started on a good note. Had a quick breakfast and polished off a coffee before continuing with the drive.

It was mega fun to watch the Polo move. As a past Polo owner, I could imagine the fun Nerd1200 was having behind the wheel. The 530d was built to do this and it was perhaps the least exerted on the highway run. d3mon knows his car very very well technically had put all his buttons to good use and used his locomotive torque and set sail. The M340i has seen most roads around these parts and it likes fast action and robimahanta happily obliged.

We veered off the fast highway into an undulating curvy stretch which had lovely tree cover. Apart from the beautiful scenery, the car and its occupants were subjected to strong lateral forces that proved beyond doubt that our heads weren’t just freely mounted on our necks. Every now and then, we would park, jump out of the car gesticulating wildly about the beauty of the cars making the villager going about his life obviously puzzled at these antics.


After being challenged by curvy two-lane roads, we decided to make things more interesting and landed up on a single-lane winding piece of road that turned out to be super fun. We gathered together at some nice spots for some photos and some relaxation before starting to drive again. At some point, I lost my bearing and went deeper and deeper into some bylanes and finally reached a point of no progress. The Big 5 series just would not be able to squeeze through this alley. This brought out another interesting aspect of the group. People are extremely accommodating even when something were to go wrong with the plan.

Fast and Furious

A short fuel break and we were on the move again. The pace picked up again once the small settlements were behind us and all the cars and their occupants had a great time. We got through a tight ghat that had the 530d tires squealing in protest. The 340i was clinically fast and the Polo was sitting pretty in the rearview mirror easily.

Robi had to drop his friend, who was with us on the drive, at the airport. The friend turned out to be a very good pilot and drove the 340i really well. They had to make it back and could not join us for lunch. The rest of us had a late lunch and then parted ways making it a small yet happy driving day.

Men of honour

Credit for all the pictures to the rightful owners.

May the tribe grow!

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