Skoda Kushaq: A tale of multiple niggles & poor after sales experience

I purchased a Skoda considering that it is a premium brand and there won’t be such issues since VW is a renowned German brand and this wasn’t expected from such a top class brand like Skoda.

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As a Skoda owner, one challenge we have been facing is that there is no Skoda service centre in the city so we have to travel to Kolhapur which is about 121kms from the city.

I was facing a couple of issues with the car lately. The co-driver’s window was making noise while rolling the window up & down. When the car was inspected, the mechanic mentioned that the winder motor needs to be replaced. I had then booked an appointment at Shrine Skoda in Kolhapur and my husband & I went there to get the part replaced. For this work, we both had to take leave from our offices. We had to take a day off from our office for this as it was communicated to us that at Shrine Auto, this work can only be done between Mondays- Fridays. I had then taken an appointment for 11th August and before leaving on that day, I had informed the service manager as well that we are leaving for the workshop so they could align the work.

While giving the car for repairs, I had also highlighted to the service manager some issues that we were facing with the car apart from the winder issue:

  • Brakes were screeching upon braking so service manager that that he will look into it and get it fixed for now
  • Cabin light wiring was loose since upon just touching the button, the light goes on and off on its own.

Now comes the challenges due to which I am writing to you:

Issues with my Skoda Kushaq

  • I received the car and upon inspecting, the window was still making noise and the issue hadn’t been resolved which was highlighted to the mechanics present during the time of delivery.
  • I observed that there were some scratches being made on the outside plastic part of the window which I had highlighted to the mechanics who were present there while we were inspecting the vehicle. Attaching an image for reference.
  • The other issues I had highlighted were not taken care of since the braking and the light wiring issues still persist.
  • The car was not even washed and cleaned before delivery.
  • The service manager was not present during the time of delivery of the vehicle

Manufacturing Quality – Firstly, I purchased a Skoda considering that it is a premium brand and there won’t be such issues since VW is a renowned German brand and this wasn’t expected from such a top class brand like Skoda due to which I purchased the car. Parts installed in the car are of poor quality as compared to VW and other models of Skoda.

Service centres – I am surprised how you people are only focussed towards top tier metros and ignoring the other cities and Belagavi being one of the Smart Cities.VW also have their service centre here but amazed to see that Skoda doesn’t have their presence.

Poor customer service: Nobody from Shrine Auto, Kolhapur has bothered to call ever since they completed the job on the car and ask about the feedback as I strongly believe that they don’t care much about it since they are aware about us not being happy with the job done in the car.

I travelled 250kms to Kolhapur & back and to again visit Shrine for the issue which is due to the company’s poor quality part & poor handling of the vehicle by mechanics of Shrine, I would have to make another trip to Kolhapur which would be a total of 500kms. I am hoping that you are going to compensate for the fuel since I am wasting my money, energy & time to travel all the way for an issue which is not caused due to the owner’s mistake.

Had the issue been taken care of in our city of residence itself, it still wouldn’t have been that much of an issue since it is of utmost inconvenience to us. We as owners are suffering and wasting our precious time as we are working professionals. Traveling 3.5-4 hours one-side during weekdays costs us taking a holiday for this.

I had called Shrine 2 weeks back raising my concerns and spoke to their Head of Customer Relations. They were supposed to speak to the service manager and call me back but it has been a while now and there has not been any communication from their end that would address any of the issues and about fixing the winder issue. I am disappointed to see that Skoda India has been providing such poor quality service to their car owners. Totally uncalled for.

I even got a call last Monday from your customer care centre & the lady was supposed to come back to me with a solution, I haven’t received any communication till now.

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