Short test ride of 2 Triumphs: Scrambler 400X & Street Triple 765 RS

I switched from my Tiger Sport 660 to the Street Triple and it felt very natural to ride.

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So after getting tired of Keerthi Triumph making commitment after commitment and failing to meet them all – my friend requested cancellation and moved on to Khivraj Triumph.

The only saving grace for Keerthi would probably have been the good interactions from the SA Renju – but feels like the management does not back them up properly. Anyways what’s the use if bikes don’t get delivered as promised?

The initial experience from Khivraj has been excellent so far. Khivraj earned this sale downright fair and square from Keerthi. I’m also hearing good things about their service center from the biking groups.

Today I too had a chance to experience the Khivraj hospitality – the only problem with going to Khivraj instead of Keerthi is the location. It is quite literally on the outskirts at the opposite end of Bangalore for us! This means a minimum 1.5 hour ride is required to just get to the showroom. A 120km ride done for me, just getting to this showroom and back. Lol!

After almost 1.5 hours of travel, parked outside Khivraj Triumph, Electronic City.

The Khivraj showroom is definitely not as spacious as the Keerthi one, spread over three floors in the latter – but none of that matters if the showroom (Keerthi) doesn’t get its basics right.

The first thing to catch my eye was the updated Tiger Sport 660:

Now comes with a new Snowdonia White paint scheme with contrast dual-tone Jet black:

The white is a Metallic Pearl white and has a nice shiny lustre to it:

The heel plate on my bike picks up a ton of scratches and it was a brushed effect finish to start with! Someone at Triumph thought that part needed more polish and bling now:

One last look:

Tiger 1200 looks so bulky and intimidating in its latest avatar – that I didn’t even feel like sitting on it. Way too much bulk – good thing BMW has started this trend of drastically reducing the size of the flagship ADVs, with the 1300 GS

The Speed Twin 900 looks pretty vanilla in this new paint scheme IMHO:

Check out the big guns – the 2500cc Rockets

Finally, my friend’s bike is in the showroom – kept under wrap and covers for now. Delivery is to happen towards the weekend post-registration formalities.

It’s a red Street Triple 765 RS. He wanted yellow as the first choice but missed the bus due to several unmet commitments from Keerthi Triumph. The next lot for yellow is likely to be only in 2024. Hence red!

ร–hlins rear suspension to go with the Showa BPF upfront, one of the highlights of the RS:

RS also gets Brembo Stylema as against the Brembo M4s of the regular R. With the Street Triple R:

Standard bar end mirrors on the RS:

RS makes 10hp more than the R, with 130ps of power and 80Nm of torque.

Pirelli Supercorsa SP V3 tyres come standard:

Had a small check for quality and didn’t find anything amiss. My friend had already done self-PDI at the yard just after the bikes were unloaded off the truck.

While the formalities for the TD are being taken care of, I quickly steal a very short TD of the Triumph Scrambler 400X:

Found it to be a very nice and comfortable city ride bike. However, I wonder if it would have much relevance anymore after the Himalayan. Maybe it would still work as a Speed 400 for taller riders. My neighbour recently took delivery of the Scrambler and his use case was just this – the Speed being too small for his size.

Off from the showroom to NICE Road for TD. My friend going casual on speedbreakers, standing tall on the CB500X and me giggling that all of this will soon be over, with a low GC naked as the primary bike. Lol!

Quick debrief on the vehicle controls and ride modes:

And we are off:

My friend trying out how the bike behaves for his usual riding style, me following him with the SA Kevin sitting pillion and the other SA Gaurav following us on the CB500X

All three reds at the NICE road end toll, my friend confirming his jump to the new bike with ~3x in power from the CB500X to the Street Triple RS:

The team from Khivraj Triumph was excellent – giving this long TD as my friend requested and being very prompt in all their responses. If anyone from Triumph stumbles upon this – you need more folks like Kevin and Gaurav of Khivraj Triumph, not more dealerships like Keerthi. Khivraj earned this sale downright fair and square from Keerthi.

Even though I had no plans to test ride today, I couldn’t resist doing a short run after my friend was done with his. Time to try the more powerful flavour of the inline3 concoction

There is a sense of familiarity with the Street Triple, the engine on the Tiger Sport 660 is based on the 675 motor of the previous generation Street Triple after all. Felt very natural to ride when shifting from my bike to the TD bike

Apart from the ergonomics which is obvious, the power difference is the second main thing I noticed immediately. The RS makes ~50hp more than my Tiger Sport 660 and that is immediately noticeable from the mid range upwards. Can’t say much more from the short ride – but the other aspect I noticed is the quickshifter, which dealt with both up and downshifts way better than the unit on my bike

Posing with the beast. Can’t wait for him to take delivery and complete the run-in period.

Finally – what’s a weekend without some food? We stopped for Chai and ended up eating some chats as well. I have never seen sweet items in chats before, and was very skeptical of this – but did taste nice nevertheless

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